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When they were in love, Tian Xin wanted to see the bracelets, so Lu Yaode brought them out for her to see.

Unexpectedly, she loved them the moment she saw them.

She wore both bracelets and even wheedled to keep them.

Lu Yaode had always been generous to Tian Xin.

He had never refused anything she wanted.

However, the bracelets were a different matter.

They meant a lot to Han Qingwan.

If she lost both of them, with Han Qingwans strength, she would not stop until she turned the world upside down.

Under such circumstances, Lu Yaode returned a bracelet to Han Qingwan and left one for Tianxin.

Afraid that Tianxin would be angry, he got someone to forge a fake one for Tian Xin so that she could have a pair.

Naturally, Tian Xin was satisfied.

She even treated the bracelets as a very meaningful gift.

Not only were there two bracelets, but they also witnessed Lu Yaodes choice.

He had chosen her.

That was why she solemnly gave the two bracelets to her daughter as a gift, hoping that her daughter would also be happy.

However, because Lu Tianqing knew someone from He Consortium, Lu Yaode was afraid that Lu Tianqings fake bracelet would be discovered, so he deliberately hid it.

This caused Lu Tianqing to think that her other bracelet had been stolen and sold by her assistant.

Tonight, she firmly believed that Su Bei had bought a stolen item, which was why she was humiliated in the end.

Lu Tianqing didnt know what was going on, but Lu Yaode was well aware of the situation with the bracelets.

He didnt expect that when the daughter of a mistress met the main wife, there would be such a big collision because of a temporary measure.

Lu Tianqing did not tell her father about it, but she quickly told her mother in the United States.

When Tian Xin heard what had happened today, she was very angry.

Her heart ached for her daughter, and her anger over the years immediately overflowed.

“What did your father say”

“I havent told him about what happened today,” Lu Tianqing said.

“Mom, whats going on with the bracelets”

“Lets not pursue the matter of the bracelets for the time being.” Tian Xin had served Lu Yaode for so many years and was especially meticulous.

After what happened today, she immediately understood that at least one of the two bracelets Lu Yaode gave her back then was fake.

She wondered if the one left behind was real.

Thinking of this, she was really angry.

For Lu Yaode, she gave up the film and television market in S Country and gave birth to a son and a daughter for him.

But because he was afraid of his wife, he made a fake one to fool her.

He wondered if the one Lu Tianqing was wearing was real.

She cared about her dignity and didnt want to expose this in front of her daughter.

She only asked, “Whos Su Bei”

“She was just an artist from Di Xing Media Company.

I wanted to teach her a lesson and embarrass Lu Weijian.

I didnt expect Han Qingwan to protect her.”

“When you hit a dog, you have to look at the owner.

Of course, the owner has to protect the dog.

Su Bei is a second-rate female artist.

Its not a big deal.

Ill settle it this time,” said Tian Xin.

Not long after Su Bei returned home, Lu Heting returned.

After taking a shower and going to bed to rest, he touched Su Beis smooth wrist.

The jade bracelet had been taken off.

Su Bei put it away.

“I heard about the bracelet.” Lu Hetings voice was deep and steady.

“I was in a meeting and knew that Mom had gone over.”

“Yes, so nothing happened.

However, Lu Tianqing humiliated herself by exposing her identity as an illegitimate daughter in public.”

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