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Everyone looked at Lu Tianci again.

Seeing that his sister had already left angrily, Lu Tianci was no longer in the mood to stay.

He also left early.

The presidents wife laughed.

“It was just a little misunderstanding.

Now that its out in the open, its okay.”

Even so, in everyones hearts, Lu Tianqings status could not be compared to before.

Su Bei and Han Qingwan walked out together.

Han Qingwan asked, “Do you have your own car”

“Then I wont see you out.”

Su Bei didnt need her to send her off.

Instead, she said, “Thank you for coming here today to help.”

“Im not here to help you.

Its just that you gave me a chance to embarrass them.

Do you think I wouldnt want it” Han Qingwan smiled.

“You could tell as well that her bracelet had an unknown origin, right”

“It was just a guess.” Su Beis confidence was based on her trust in Lu Heting.

She believed that since a man like him was raised by his mother and respected her, there should be nothing wrong with his mothers character.

Besides, the other party was the daughter of a mistress.

The facts were conclusive.

Han Qingwan smiled again and didnt say anything.

Although she couldnt be as close to Su Bei as a pair of mother and daughter, she no longer disliked this girl.

It was good for her son to have such a wife.

She waved and turned away.

Lu Tianqing lost her temper in the car for a while before returning home.

She clearly had two bracelets.

One was missing and one was left.

So, what happened tonight

When she got home, she went straight to her fathers study.

Lu Yaode saw that she had returned home and did not know what had happened tonight.

He smiled and asked, “Why Were you unhappy at the banquet tonight Who provoked my precious daughter”

“Dad… the bracelet I got before was a gift from you and Mom, right”

“Yes, why do you ask” Lu looked evasive, but he hid it well.

“I lost one.

I saw someone wearing a bracelet exactly like mine to the party tonight.”

Lu Yaode stood up.

“Nothing happened, right”

Lu Tianqing did not want to be looked down on by her father.

She had been outstanding since she was young.

Ever since she found out about her parents situation, she swore that she would not let that woman from the Lu family look down on her.

She was even more stubborn.

Being humiliated tonight was extremely awkward.

Sooner or later, her father would hear about it.

She had to find a way to clean up the mess.

“So whats with the bracelets”

“Its nothing.

Dont think too much about it.

Maybe its just the same design,” Lu said, avoiding the question.

Lu Tianqing could not get an answer and could only give up.

However, Lu Yaode was reminded of old things.

Those things flashed through his mind.

The jade stone used for these two bracelets was indeed found in the wilderness when he was on a business trip with Han Qingwan.

He did not expect the quality to be so high and priceless.

Later on, he hired a craftsman to carve it into two bracelets.

For a while, they became a legend, causing countless rich people to compete to buy them.

However, while the bracelet had a long shelf life, their relationship did not last long enough.

Han Qingwans domineering attitude and inconsiderate personality caused Lu Yaode to be dissatisfied.

He was finally attracted to Tian Xin, who was gentler and more accommodating than Han Qingwan.

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