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But she still had He Consortium.

‘Su Bei, just wait and see!

“Tianqing, please stay.” This time, it was Han Qingwans voice.

Lu Tianqing was about to lose all her face and couldnt wait to leave.

She had to bite down hard on the tip of her tongue to keep her anger in check when she was repeatedly stopped in front of everyone.

Her smile was forced.

“Is there anything else”

Han Qingwan smiled and said, “I suddenly remembered something.”

“What” Lu Tianqing was about to lose control.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue both took a step back, afraid that the flames of war would burn them again.

There had been too many twists and turns tonight.

They were already plenty embarrassed.

They couldnt take it anymore.

Han Qingwan said with a smile, “Back then, I lost one of my two bracelets.

I dont know where it went, so I called the police and the insurance company.

I even took a sum of compensation from the insurance company.

Now that the lost bracelet has been found in your hands, I naturally cant ask for compensation.

And I have to cancel the police report, right”

How much longer was this going to go on She could already feel the heat!

Everyone held back their laughter, but their shoulders were shaking.

They did not expect that the Lu family would have such a scandal.

The dignified Lu Yaode actually stole something from the main wife and gave it to the mistress.

However, everyone put themselves in his shoes and felt that it was most likely his mistress who had coaxed these things out of him.

Apart from these, who knew how many other of his wifes belongings had been coaxed out of him This was really too inhumane.

Lu Yaode didnt know that the lofty image he had painstakingly built was almost destroyed by his daughters accident.

It was clear that Han Qingwan did not say anything directly.

Han Qingwan said exceptionally gently and politely, “But since such a big thing happened back then, the police and insurance companies will definitely look for you to confirm the situation.

At that time, Im afraid youll have to cooperate well.”

“I know,” Lu Tianqing said with all her strength.

“Then be careful.

Dont break it.

Otherwise, itll be hard to explain.

What if the insurance company thinks that were scamming them” Han Qingwan reminded.

‘How could she tell that I was planning to smash the bracelet

But now, even if Lu Tianqing wanted to smash this bracelet, she had to consider the actual situation.

She did not dare to make a move.

She turned to leave and went straight to her car.

She couldnt smash the bracelet.

She had to ruthlessly throw away everything else in the car to vent a little of her temper.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue could only leave dejectedly.

On the other hand, Han Qingwan said apologetically, “Im really sorry to have disturbed everyones good mood with my family matters.

Ill punish myself by drinking and apologize to everyone.”

She knew the identities of the people here and didnt want to trouble her son, so she raised her glass generously.

Since she had already apologized, the others had nothing to say.

Moreover, when they thought about how Lu Tianqing, the illegitimate daughter, actually acted as though she was above Mrs.

Lu, everyone could not help but shake their heads.

Now, everyone finally knew that the son and daughter Lu Yaode had brought back this time were illegitimate.

They said that the couple were officially married and had children in T Country, but T Countrys laws were completely different from S Countrys.

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