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Su Bei suddenly stopped her.

“Miss Lu.”

“What is it” Lu Tianqing was not in a good mood after being embarrassed in public.

She sounded a little forced when Su Bei stopped her.

“Miss Lu, you made such a big fuss over it just now.

Ive also explained the origin of my item.

Now, shouldnt you officially apologize for the misunderstanding just now” Su Bei said with a smile.

Lu Tianqings expression was especially interesting.

Su Bei blinked slightly and said with a smile, “Actually, I dont have to ask you to apologize.

But if you dont apologize, people will really think that I bought stolen goods.

Its fine if its just a loss to my reputation, but itll affect my company and team badly.

I feel very guilty toward them.

So, I still have to force myself.

Miss Lu, please apologize to me.”

Her words were completely imitating Lu Tianqings righteous words earlier.

Su Bei was pretending as though she did not have the intention to do this but was forced to.

Some of them noticed what Su Bei was doing and laughed.

Even He Xuyan, who was in a corner listening to the show, smiled when he heard this.

If Lu Tianqing apologized in public, it meant that she would also have to admit her identity as an illegitimate daughter.

She would also admit that her bracelet was attained through unscrupulous means.

She originally thought that it was evidence of her parents love, but in the end, it was only evidence of her father and his wifes love.

This was undoubtedly worse than slapping her.

But in front of so many people, especially the presidents wife, she couldnt refuse to apologize.

She could only say, “Im sorry.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Ill keep your apology in mind for now.

Ill get back to you when Ive thought it through.”

Everyone smiled and felt that Su Beis words were too cute.

“…” Lu Tianqing was furious.

Was there going to be a next time

She had always been arrogant and was flattered everywhere.

After being embarrassed by Su Bei this time, her expression was really amusing.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue immediately lowered their heads to reduce their presence.

Unexpectedly, Su Bei immediately turned to them.

“Miss Sheng and Miss Tang, are you going to apologize to me for what you said just now Actually, it was a misunderstanding and its over now.

However, as you know, reputation is not a small matter.

So, you still have to apologize, right”

The more she talked about her reputation, the angrier Lu Tianqing became.

If it werent for the fact that she was usually arrogant but magnanimous and gentle, she would really have flown into a rage.

They had no choice.

After a moment of silence, they said, “Im sorry.”

“Yes, Ill get back to you guys about your apology another day.

Although Im not very angry today, Im still a little angry.

I havent moved on yet.”

Everyone laughed at Su Beis words.

Lu Tianqing didnt want to stay here any longer.

She said to the presidents wife, “Thank you for your invitation, Madam.

I still have something to do today, so Ill excuse myself.”

“Go about your business, then.” The presidents wife didnt beat about the bush.

Lu Tianqing pinched her skirt.

This humiliation had really ruined her reputation! However, her parents had never mentioned the bracelet.

She really did not expect that she would be humiliated today.

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