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Coupled with the fact that her relationship with Su Bei had eased recently, naturally, her purpose in coming was clear.

After hearing Han Qingwans words, everyone was stunned.

Then, someone said, “I remember now.

Such an incident had indeed happened back then.

The person who offered a high price to buy Mrs.

Lus bracelets was a rich foreign businessman, right”

“In that case, do the bracelets really belong to Mrs.

Lu Then, the bracelet that Su Bei is wearing is definitely a gift from Mrs.

Lu and not a stolen item.”

“Then what about Miss Lus…”

“Isnt Miss Lu from the Lu family It looks like this is just a misunderstanding.”

Lu Tianqing never expected such an outcome.

But the jade bracelet was clearly hers!

However, for a moment, she could not defend herself.

When Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue saw this, they were also stunned.

Tang Yue muttered, “Then why did you give Su Bei the bracelet Could it be…”

Had Su Bei really hooked up with Lu Weijian

Han Qingwan smiled generously.

“Little girl, Su Bei has earned a lot for Di Xing Media over the past two years.

She even helped to revive a few apps under Weijians name.

Our Lu family values talent.

I secretly hope that Su Bei can renew her contract with Di Xing Media for a few more years.

Its not too much for me to give her something, right”


Tang Yue was speechless for a moment.

However, when she found out that Su Bei and Lu Weijian werent having an affair and she couldnt marry into the Lu family, she felt glad.

The others smiled and said, “Then this matter might really be a misunderstanding.


Lu, this Miss Lu is your daughter, right It seems that Miss Lu and Su Bei can become friends after a fight.”

Most people thought that Lu Tianqing was born from a legitimate wife, mainly because the outside world knew very little about the Lu familys private affairs.

As soon as she said this, Lu Tianqings smile could not help but change.

Only she knew her identity.

Especially since Lu Yaode and Han Qingwan were not divorced at all.

Logically speaking, if Lu Yaode and Tianxin remarried, it would be considered bigamy.

Therefore, the couple could only get their marriage certificate in T Country and avoid the law of S Country.

Lu Tianqing couldnt bring herself to raise her head in front of Han Qingwan.

She couldnt wait to get over this matter, but those people still kept talking.

“Its good that things have been resolved.


Lu, theres nothing else now.”

Han Qingwan smiled and said, “How can you say that nothing happened Ive never had a daughter in my life.

How can I have a daughter”

Everyone was speechless when they heard that.

“Then is Miss Lu your niece”

“Of course not,” Han Qingwan said.

“I dont know this Miss Lu.”

“But Lu Tianqing is clearly a member of the Lu family.

She even attended an event with Lu Yaode the last time!”

“Could she be a goddaughter”

“They dont look like it.

It doesnt seem likely.

They look like biological father and daughter.”

Lu Tianqing gritted her teeth.

She had never been criticized like this before.

In T Country, she was the daughter of the upright Lu Yaode and a socialite with a clean family background!

Her identity was not to be discussed!

“Im the daughter of my biological father, Lu Yaode.

My father and mother got married in T Country, so you dont have to criticize my identity as a legitimate member of the Lu family.”

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