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How could everything in T Country compare to the rich and vast S Country

How could Lu Tianqing not be jealous

Han Qingwan had lost a lot of weight, but her expression was still calm.

She walked in and stood in front of the presidents wife.

She smiled and said, “Im really sorry to be interrupting your banquet.”

“Its nothing.

Its just that some of the children have encountered an issue and arent able to come to a conclusion, so they asked you to come.” The presidents wife smiled.

“Please be a witness so that the children wont suffer.”

Han Qingwan smiled and said, “The children are still young, so its inevitable that theyre insensible.”

She picked up one of the bracelets and said with a smile, “I did give this bracelet to Su Bei.”

“How is that possible” Lu Tianqing was the first to be unconvinced!

She had kept this bracelet for more than 20 years.

As the jade used was very good, its value was ridiculously high.

She only wore it on important occasions.

It was one of the pieces of jewelry she valued very much.

She did not believe a word Han Qingwan said.

Sheng Xiaotang also said, “Mrs.

Lu, but Miss Lus bracelet is quite old.

Ive seen her wearing it before, and its indeed a pair.”

Tang Yue also raised her own argument.


Lu, youre unrelated to Su Bei.

Why would you give her such expensive jewelry I know that youve always doted on Mr.


Youre afraid that Su Beis matter will implicate Di Xing Media Company and Mr.

Weijian, right But dont worry, Mrs.


Miss Lu has said that she wont pursue the matter.

She just wants to get the bracelet back.”


These words were reasonable, but the meaning behind them was that Mrs.

Lu was protecting Lu Weijian and his artist, Su Bei.

Everyone felt that it made sense.

It seemed like Mrs.

Lu was biased.

But that was to be expected.

Who wouldnt be biased toward their own son


Lu smiled and picked up the bracelet.

“Thats too harsh.

Weijian has always been able to rely on his own for work.

Ive never cared much about it.

Young people should be allowed to train themselves.”

After refuting Tang Yues words, she changed the topic and said, “When I was young, I was in a very loving relationship with my husband.

Back then, we went overseas to inspect businesses together.

We stayed in the wild mines and experienced a lot of hardships.

However, we also picked up a treasure there.

It was a piece of jade with a very good texture.

Because it was very valuable and memorable, we brought the jade back.

“Then, we asked a famous craftsman to make two bracelets out of the jade.

“These two bracelets were priceless back then.

Many rich people offered an astronomical figure of nine figures to buy them.

“However, we were neither short of money nor willing to give our hard work to others.

“So, my husband suggested engraving my initials on the bracelet.

“Everyone knows that my name is Han Qingwan.

When I was young, many people called me Qinger, so the initial Q was engraved on the bracelets.

“I wonder if this explanation will convince everyone”

After Han Qingwan finished speaking, she smiled at everyone.

Although she didnt like Su Bei, Su Bei was still her daughter-in-law.

She had to protect her.

Besides, who was the person who provoked Su Bei It was someone she hated to the core.

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