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Su Bei approached her and was immediately stopped by a bodyguard.

The presidents wife said, “Let her come over and talk.”

The bodyguard looked her up and down as if to make sure she didnt have any murder weapons on her before letting her go forward.

Su Bei said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Its Mrs.

Lu, Han Qingwan.”

Naturally, Su Bei did not want to publicize such a thing.

The presidents wife froze.

She didnt expect Su Bei to say that name.

Although the presidential palace had an ordinary relationship with the entire Lu family in the past, they had also received a lot of support from Lu Heting now.

Hence, they still maintained their relationship with the Lu family.

The presidents wife said, “Then Ill make a call and confirm it with her.”

After saying that, she said to Lu Tianqing, “The friend Su Bei mentioned happens to be someone I know.

Ill call to help confirm it.

If the other party affirms it, this matter will end here, Tianqing.”

Did this mean that she couldnt get her bracelet back Lu Tianqings face flashed with disapproval.

However, since the presidents wife had said so, she could not pester her too much.

Fortunately, she did not believe that Su Bei was telling the truth.


The person was even worthy enough to have the presidents wife call them.

Clearly, the other partys status was not low.

Would such a person give Su Bei a bracelet

Besides, Lu Tianqing was very sure that this bracelet was hers.

No matter who gave it to Su Bei, she couldnt erase this fact.

The presidents wife made the call and nodded.


She put down her phone and said to Lu Tianqing and Su Bei, “This friend happens to be nearby.

She said shell come over immediately and settle the matter.”

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She naturally knew that it was Han Qingwan, so the current battlefield belonged to Han Qingwan.

As for Lu Tianqing… Did she really think that an illegitimate daughter could compete with the main wife

Lu Tianqing was confused for a moment.

What friend They were coming over just like that

However, as long as the bracelet was hers, she didnt have to worry about anything.

In an instant, her usual smile appeared on her face.

Everyone was also thinking to themselves,Whos Su Beis friend Why are they coming here

‘Sounds like the persons pretty high up in status too.

I just dont know how were going to solve this.

‘I wonder who the bracelet will end up with.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue also looked at each other.

They did not expect Su Bei to have the ability to reverse the situation.

And the presidents wife was full of patience.

As a result, although everyones hearts were dying with curiosity, they could only restrain themselves and wait.

After a while, someone came to report to the presidents wife.

“Madam, Han Qingwan is here.”

“Please invite her in,” the presidents wife said.

Because of her relationship with Lu Heting, she had to give Han Qingwan some face.

Lu Tianqing narrowed her eyes.

Han Qingwan was jailed a while ago.

She didnt expect her to be released so quickly.

Lu Group was indeed capable.

Lu Tianqing had always harbored resentment toward this strong-willed madam.

Their family had to live in T Country.

It was all because Han Qingwan insisted on being the wife and refused to get a divorce that Lu Yaode and Tian Xin could only get married overseas.

It also caused their family to have no choice but to give up on the huge market in S Country and develop in T Country instead.

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