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As Su Bei knew how she got her bracelet, there was no panic in her eyes.

The person who came to check was from the presidential palace.

He had always been very knowledgeable about jade bracelets.

He picked them up and examined them carefully.

Seeing that even the presidents wife had interfered in this matter, everyone held their breaths and waited.

Qin Zufang knew that Su Bei had the Lin familys bloodline and was Lin Wenyus good friend.

Seeing Su Bei suffer, she wanted to defend her, but since the matter had yet to be concluded, she could only hold back.

If anything really happened to Su Bei, she would step out and smooth things over.

At the back of the clubhouse, He Xuyan was having a meal with a friend.

That young master had also heard about this and was gossiping with him.

“I heard that the bracelet Su Bei is wearing belongs to Lu Tianqing.

I wonder if this is Su Beis fault or her management teams fault”

“Neither.” He Xuyan, who had been quiet at first, finally spoke.

“Why not Could it be that Lu Tianqing is publicly framing her Su Bei was wearing that bracelet when she came in.

Thats obvious.”

“Its impossible that its her or her companys fault.”

The noble young master smiled.

“Oh, and you say youre not interested in her Judging by your attitude, youre protecting her”

“Ive worked with her before.

Shes not vain.” If Su Bei only wanted the glory of the entertainment industry, she wouldnt have accepted the role in his movie.


“Di Xing Media Company is also a company with principles.” He Xuyan had worked with Di Xing Media Company before and knew that while not everyone there was a good person, there was nothing wrong with the companys principles.

His friend continued to laugh and patted his shoulder.

“Then if something really happens to Su Bei later, will you help”

He Xuyan picked up his chopsticks.

“Lets eat.”

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The results of the examination were out.

The person from the presidential palace said, “Madam, everyone, these two bracelets are made of the same material and have the same craftsmanship.

The letter Q engraved on them is also exactly the same.”

They all said, “So, theyre a pair”

“I can confirm that this is a pair of jade bracelets made at the same time.”

When everyone looked at Su Bei again, their gazes were meaningful.

This was a pair of jade bracelets made at the same time and Lu Tianqing had said that they were a gift from her parents.

Besides, the letters on the bracelets matched her name, so everything naturally corresponded.

The bracelets indeed belonged to Lu Tianqing.

As for Su Bei, she was just an artist.

She might not be able to afford such a priceless bracelet.

Besides, as a member of the Lu family, did Lu Tianqing have to slander her for such a small thing

Lu Tianqing said gently, “Su Bei, the evidence is conclusive now.

This proves that Im not picking a fight, right”

Sheng Xiaotang also said, “Su Bei, the evidence is here.

You should be convinced now, right You definitely have to return it to Miss Lu, but shouldnt you also apologize to her”

The presidents wife looked at Su Bei with pity and love.

“Su Bei, what do you think”

“Madam, as I said, my bracelet was a gift from a friend.”

“What friend” The presidents wifes question was uttered magnanimously.

Since she wanted to give both sides justice, she naturally wouldnt refuse to give Su Bei a chance to speak.

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