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Lu Tianqings words all came from the moral high ground as if she was an innocent lady while Su Bei was a petty thief.

“Su Bei, do you want to cooperate with me in my investigation, or should we ask the police to deal with it” Lu Tianqing seemed to be asking for her opinion on the surface, but in fact, her every word was aggressive.

Under such circumstances, even if Su Bei didnt agree, she would still force Su Bei to cooperate.

Before Su Bei could speak, the others said, “I dont think theres anything wrong with the arrangement.

Su Bei, you should cooperate.”


If theres a problem, well solve it.

Lets not make a bigger fuss out of it.”

Sheng Xiaotang also said, “Everyone is right.

Su Bei, since weve discovered a problem, we cant completely pretend that nothing happened, right Cooperate with us and well figure things out soon.”

Tang Yue also fanned the flames.

“Su Bei, if you dont cooperate, you cant blame everyone for being suspicious of you.”

“Whats going on here” said a gentle but authoritative voice.

Everyone quickly made way as the presidents wife walked toward them.

Lu Tianqing immediately said, “Madam, I lost a bracelet previously and it was secretly sold by someone close to me.

Su Beis management company might have accidentally bought this bracelet.

Its probably an unintentional mistake.

Therefore, I want to get back the bracelet.

Ill give them as much money as Su Bei and the others bought it for.

Im sure they were just careless.

I naturally cant let them suffer losses.”

“Really” The presidents wife looked at Su Bei and saw the bracelet.

Although Lu Tianqings words were especially polite, who couldnt tell what she was implying


If Su Bei really wore the bracelet that belonged to Lu Tianqing, it would be a huge scandal if word got out.

It would be difficult to make up for it.

Su Bei looked at the presidents wife in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

“My bracelet was given to me by a friend, so I dont know what Miss Lu is talking about.”

Lu Tianqing smiled.

“Actually, if it werent for the fact that my parents were the one who gave me this bracelet, I wouldnt mind giving it to Miss Su.

But this bracelet means a lot to me.

It was originally a pair, but now that theres only this one left, the blessings my parents gave me are gone.

Therefore, I have no choice but to figure out whats going on and take back what belongs to me.”

She knew very well that stirring up trouble on such an occasion was not something the presidents wife would like.

Besides, she was not the main character of tonights dinner party.

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But getting the bracelet back was important.

Besides, as long as she proved that the bracelet was hers, the person who would become unfavored by the madam would be Su Bei and not her.

Therefore, since the matter had already started, it had to end with Su Bei.

Since the presidents wife was already standing here, she wasnt likely to favor anyone.

She said, “In that case, you wont mind taking off your bracelets and putting them here so that my people here can see whats going on, will you”

“Of course not.” Lu Tianqing took off her bracelet first and placed it on the soft brocade box held by the person behind the presidents wife.

Since Lu Tianqing had already taken it off, Su Bei couldnt refuse.

She took it off too and put it down.

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