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Su Beis eyes sparkled as she refused.

“If you really think that the thing Im wearing is a stolen item that I secretly bought, I suggest you call the police.

Because none of you have the right to search anything on me.

The letter Q doesnt just represent one thing either.

I believe in the police, but not you.

“Additionally, please be prepared.

If its a false report and it turns out to be slander against me, theres no way my lawyers and team will let it go!”

Her words made perfect sense.

Even the surrounding guests nodded repeatedly.

Tang Yue was a stark contrast to her.

Her face was flushing, but she forced herself to suppress it.

Lu Tianqings status was much higher.

She smiled and said, “Arent there police officers here Wouldnt it be much more convenient to ask them to check Its not that we dont want to call the police, Su Bei.

We just dont want to make a big deal out of it.

Besides, what kind of occasion is this today If we really call the police on such an occasion, those who dont know better will think that something has happened.”

Sheng Xiaotang immediately said, “Yes, there are police officers over here.

Since were all arguing here, why dont we let them help uphold justice”

It was obvious that Lu Tianqing was certain that the bracelet was the one she had lost, so she was fearless and very unyielding.

Seeing that Su Bei did not answer, she was even more confident.

She did not care about Su Beis identity at all.

She stepped forward and apologized to everyone first.

“Im sorry, everyone.

Im resolving some personal matters here tonight and it has affected everyones mood.

I wanted to resolve this matter in private, but Su Bei refused to cooperate, so I had no choice but to do so.”

The others nodded, thinking she wasnt being rude.


If there was a problem, it had to be solved.

“If the bracelet in Su Beis hand was something else, I could give it to her if she really liked it.

I could just take it as though I gave a friend a gift.” Lu Tianqing was tolerant and magnanimous.

“Unfortunately, this bracelet has a special meaning to me.

I dont dare to give it away casually.

Its a gift from my parents.

I value it very much.”

They nodded again.

“Yes, that does make sense.”

“Its rare for children to be so filial and loyal to their parents.

Young people nowadays dont have the wordfilial in their dictionary.”

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“A gift from ones parents really cant be given away at will.

Its understandable.”

Lu Tianqing continued, “In addition, two years ago, one of my assistants made a mistake and left.

It was also at that time that my bracelet disappeared.

I havent been able to find the whereabouts of this bracelet.

Now that I see it in Su Beis hand, I want to clarify things.

This is human nature, right”

They nodded again.

“Its human nature.

Its very normal to want to do that.”

“Id also like to find out whats going on.”

“You have to ask the questions you have in mind.

Besides, this bracelet looks expensive.

Its indeed necessary to figure it out.”

Lu Tianqing sighed softly.

“It was fate that we were able to come to the same banquet.

Were all friends here, so I never thought of calling the police to solve the problem.

Actually, I just wanted Su Bei to cooperate with me and clarify the matter.”

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