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Hearing the commotion, people immediately looked over.

When Su Bei and Lu Tianqing came over today, they had already attracted a lot of attention.

Now that they heard their loud voices, some people started to gather around.

This was the effect Lu Tianqing wanted.

Getting her bracelet back was as important as ruining the artists under Lu Group.

Especially… on such an occasion.

Su Bei had encountered such a big problem.

She was practically making herself a target for Lu Tianqing.

“Su Bei, take a look at it yourself.

Is there the letter Q on the bracelet” Lu Tianqing said unhurriedly when she saw that a crowd had gathered around.

Su Bei frowned slightly.

She had the bracelet for a while now.

She had worn it before and carefully admired it.

There was indeed a very small letter Q on it.

Lu Tianqing clearly knew this bracelet very well.

However, wasnt the letter Q in reference to Han Qingwan name

It was not convenient for Su Bei to reveal Han Qingwans identity, so she just frowned and could not explain herself.

Seeing Su Beis expression, Lu Tianqing was certain that Su Bei had bought a stolen bracelet.

She had finally found her bracelet.


However, she didnt expect to find it on Su Bei.

Her disdain for Su Bei increased.

The onlookers were all people of status, but this did not stop them from gossiping.

They did not spread the gossip, but there was a hint of excitement in their eyes.

In particular, some people were thinking,Su Bei is just an artist.

How could she come to such a place It seems that Lu Tianqing isnt wrong in acting like this.

Besides, with Lu Tianqings status, she wouldnt frame a small-time artist, right

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‘I didnt expect to see such a lively scene on such an occasion today.

It seems that Su Bei is doomed.

‘Tsk, tsk, tsk.

If she offends this person and the presidents wife, Su Bei will probably be banned from the industry, right

Everyone thought to themselves, but no one said anything out loud.

Seeing that Su Bei refused to take off the bracelet, Sheng Xiaotang said, “Su Bei, take it off.

Since there are so many people here, let everyone take a look.

If we were wrong, youll get to clear your name, right”

Tang Yues eyes flickered.

“Su Bei, even if youre wearing a thiefs stolen goods, it might not be your fault.

Most of the clothes and accessories celebrities wear are arranged by their managers and companies.

As long as we explain everything clearly, everything will be fine.”

She was directly pushing the blame to Di Xing Media Company and even the Lu Group.

Lu Tianqing could take this opportunity to trip Lu Heting up.

She had to admit that this scheme was terrifying.

The same thought had occurred to her.

The surrounding people also thought to themselves,Is Tang Yue trying to get the entire Di Xing Media Company involved in this Whats going on with Lu Tianqing

Many people in the outside world did not know that Lu Tianqing was the daughter of a mistress.

All these years, the Lu familys scandals were not exposed to the public.

They had never exposed it to save face for Lu Yaode.

That was why Lu Tianqing was treated like this today.

Otherwise, she would have been mocked by the crowd.

“Su Bei, give me the bracelet.

Let me check it for you.” Tang Yue reached out.

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