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There was also a portion of them who bought defective goods.

In other words, there were some flaws in the luxury goods and they were to be destroyed but were put up for sale.

Wearing defective goods and buying stolen goods were both looked down on, but when it came to buying defective goods, at least there was nothing wrong with ones nature.

However, buying stolen goods was a deliberate act.

Sheng Xiaotang felt that Su Bei was such a vain person.

Han Qingwan had given Su Bei this bracelet.

When she gave it to her, it was because Han Qingwan saw Da Bao and liked this grandson of hers, so she gave the bracelet to Su Bei.

Su Bei naturally wouldnt tell Sheng Xiaotang about the origin of the bracelet.

She looked at Sheng Xiaotang with her beautiful and exquisite eyes.

She said in amusement, “Why should I tell you”

Sheng Xiaotang didnt expect Su Bei to put on a show like this.

It was as if she didnt buy stolen goods at all and was wearing top-notch high-end jewelry.

Tang Yue did not want to continue arguing with Su Bei.

She said directly, “Su Bei, Miss Lu lost a bracelet previously.

Its exactly the same as the one on your hand.

Her former assistant stole it and sold it.

Now that you have this bracelet, what else do you have to say”

Su Bei narrowed her eyes.

When she heard this, she raised her head lazily and accurately glanced at Lu Tianqings wrist.

The bracelet was indeed identical to hers.

Su Bei didnt panic.

She tilted her head and looked at it seriously.

Her bracelet was a gift from Han Qingwan.

Even Lu Heting didnt say anything about it.

It was obvious that it was from the Lu family.

Although Han Qingwan didnt like her and didnt like her profession, it was impossible for her to give her a fake.

Otherwise, Lu Heting would have noticed the problem long ago.


As for Lu Tianqing, her mother was the mistress of the Lu family.

The corners of Su Beis lips curled up slightly, and there was a hint of mockery.

That was probably the jewelry she got from her mistress mother.

How dare she shout in front of her

Seeing that not only did Su Bei not speak, but she also had a mocking expression on her face, Sheng Xiaotang said, “Su Bei, you might not know that youre wearing a cheap bracelet.

Perhaps your manager or assistant bought you this bracelet for a cheap price.

But no matter what, the original owner of this bracelet is Miss Lu.

You should return the bracelet to Miss Lu and fire the people in your team.

Then, you have to apologize.

Miss Lu wont hold it against you.

Right, Miss Lu”

Lu Tianqing sized Su Bei up and knew that she was from Di Xing Media Company.

Not only had she found the bracelet, but she could also use the matter to suppress Di Xing Media Company.

It was indeed a good thing.

Therefore, Lu Tianqing nodded and raised her chin.

“If you take the initiative to apologize, I wont hold it against you.”

“This bracelet was clearly given to me by a friend.

Why should I fire the people in my team And why should I apologize” Su Bei felt bored with the three women in front of her.

From the moment she entered, Tang Yue had looked down on her.

Did they think she didnt know that they wanted to trip her up

Unfortunately, it had been a mistake to set their sights on her bracelet!

Seeing her unyielding attitude, Lu Tianqings smile darkened.

“Su Bei, take a look at it yourself.

Is there a letter Q engraved on the inside of the bracelet Thats the initial of my name, Qing.

When my father gave this bracelet to my mother, he specially engraved my name on it.

He specially waited for me to grow up so I could wear it.”

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