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“Realy” Sheng Xiaotang said in surprise.

“My mother gave me two of the bracelets.

I used to wear them all the time.

But once, I fired an assistant, and not long after the assistant left, I realized that my other bracelet was missing.

If it wasnt stolen by her, how else could it have been explained At that time, I spent a lot of effort but couldnt find the other bracelet.

I didnt expect that I would find it now.” Lu Tianqing looked at Su Bei disdainfully.

Sheng Xiaotang said, “In that case, we have to call the police! Su Bei is really too much.

Shes a big celebrity.

Of all the things she can buy, she actually bought something stolen”

Lu Tianqing tilted her head and asked her with a smile, “Do you think its better to call the police or should we settle it with another method”

These words stunned Sheng Xiaotang for a moment.

She thought for a moment.

If she called the police, Su Bei and her company would probably quickly suppress the matter.

After all, buying stolen goods could be said to be accidental.

It was not a big loss to Su Bei.

But what if they make a scene in public

The people here were all either rich or noble.

Although it was impossible for them to make a big deal out of it, wouldnt Su Beis reputation be ruined

Even if Su Bei had already established a good relationship with the presidents wife, it would be useless if they made a big fuss out of this incident.

The presidents wife didnt have much of a relationship with Su Bei now.

If she knew that there was something wrong with Su Bei, she would naturally cut off all contact with her in the future.


In that case, they could prevent Su Bei from befriending all kinds of famous women.

After figuring this out, Sheng Xiaotang said, “Miss Lu, lets not call the police.

Lets go look for Su Bei and ask her about it.

Di Xing Media should also give everyone an explanation about the behavior of this female artist of theirs!”

These words won Lu Tianqings heart.

She put down her glass and walked toward Su Bei.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue immediately followed.

When they reached Su Bei, Sheng Xiaotang asked directly, “Su Bei, where did you get the bracelet on your wrist”

Su Bei didnt care about their arrival at all.

It wasnt until she was called out that she lifted her long eyelashes and looked at them.

Her movements were elegant and leisurely as if she was taking a casual stroll.

Immediately, Su Beis smile also rose, forming an elegant curve on her perfect lips.

“Whats the matter”

Actually, she had heard Sheng Xiaotangs words, but the other partys words puzzled her, so she asked again.

Sheng Xiaotang was even more unhappy that she dared to ignore them.

“Im asking you, where did you get your bracelet”

“A friend gave it to me,” she said casually.

“What friend” Sheng Xiaotang was certain that Su Bei had bought it, so her tone was especially rude.

There were people who would secretly find some channels to purchase expensive goods that had been stolen from malls or the homes of wealthy people.

These kinds of goods had special channels of sale.

They had always been famous for the quality, but the prices were low.

Usually, people who were really rich would never buy stolen goods.

However, whether it was the entertainment industry or the socialite circle, it was inevitable that there would be some people who got involved in this trade.

Their expenses were very high, and the money needed to maintain their reputation was astronomical.

However, at some point, the money they earned would not be enough to maintain their high spending.

Hence, they would use some channels to buy stolen goods.

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