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Chapter 120: Chapter 120 Petrified

“Very good!” Baizen gave Su Bei a thumbs up.

She really surprised him.

During the audition, his only reason for choosing her was her natural appearance.

But he didnt expect that her overall understanding and expression of clothes as well as her color matching ability were far beyond his imagination.

As a result, the promotional photos taken were much better than expected.

“Su Bei, lets call it a day.

We will shoot the commercial video tomorrow,” Baizen said to Su Bei.

Su Bei had no problem with English at all.

She didnt need an interpreter to communicate with Baizen.

So when she wanted to know if there was anything she needed to improve in her performance, she went and asked him directly.

“You did a very good job today.

I hope you can keep it up when we shoot the video.” Baizen spoke highly of her.

And she saw his sincerity.

“Thank you, Baizen.

Ill be here on time tomorrow.”

Su Bei and Lv Shan then packed up and left.

Su Huixian also walked towards Baizen and asked, “Director, what about me”

She was not fluent in English, so she could barely communicate with him.

For her to understand complicated words, she needed an interpreter.

The interpreter told Su Huixian that Director Baizen wanted her to stay to continue shooting while Su Bei could go back to rest.

“I need to continue shooting” Su Huixian asked confusedly.

The interpreter explained, “Director Baizen said that you and Su Bei respectively wore half of the clothes during the photo shoot earlier.

Now you are going to wear the other half of the clothes that Su Bei wore.

Maybe he thinks that youve performed better, right”

Su Huixians face lit up at once.

Su Bei had only worn half of the clothes during the photo shoot, and Baizen had already let her go.

She, on the other hand, could get a chance to wear all the clothes.

She thought to herself,The interpreter is right.

Obviously, Baizen appreciates my performance, so he wants to take more photos of me.”

But actually, the reason why Baizen had sent Su Bei home was that he was already satisfied with her performance.

Although she had only worn half of the clothes, he could pick some photos he could use for the promotion.

As for Su Huixian, he asked her to stay and shoot more because her photos earlier were not good enough to be used for the promotion.

He hoped that he could get better photos of her if she wore the other half of the clothes.

After a whole day of photo shoot, Su Bei was too tired to say a word.

As soon as she entered her hotel room, she changed into slippers, took off her clothes, and threw them on the sofa.

“Su Bei, youre back.”

Lu Heting tried hard to hold back his wild imagination in his low and deep voice.

It was only then that Su Bei realized that Lu Heting was there.

And she threw her clothes on his head.

He grabbed her clothes with his slender fingers.

Su Bei was always used to being alone in her bedroom.

When she and Da Bao still lived together, they slept in separate rooms.

So every time she went home exhausted from work, she just took off her clothes the moment she entered her bedroom.

Seeing what he had caught in his fingers, she reflexively hugged herself.

Her face flushed with embarrassment.

Although they were legally married, he was only her nominal husband in reality.

Looking at Lu Herting grabbing her clothes, she was so petrified.


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