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In fact, Su Bei knew in her heart that the presidents wife had probably called her over to fix some jewelry.

She was just giving Lin Wenyu face by attending.

As for the madam, it didnt matter who Su Bei was.

Therefore, after chatting with the presidents wife for a while, Su Bei automatically withdrew from the topic.

There were too many people around the presidents wife who wanted to talk to her.

As soon as Su Bei stepped back, the others immediately picked up the topic.

Qin Zufang secretly observed Su Bei and felt that she was a good child.

She knew when to advance and when to retreat.

She had good etiquette.

She was relieved that Lin Wenyu was friends with her.

Su Bei gradually retreated from the crowd.

Special Assistant Fang had to greet the guests around the presidents wife, so he didnt have time to entertain Su Bei.

However, Su Bei was already mentally prepared for this, so she didnt think it was a bad thing.

She casually found a corner seat and sat down.

Lu Tianqing, Sheng Xiaotang, and Tang Yue couldnt help but look at her.

They wondered what kind of connections Su Bei had to take such a shortcut.

Actually, if Lin Wenyu had come over, Tang Yue would be able to guess that Su Bei was here because of Lin Wenyus invitation.

However, Lin Wenyu did not come, so Tang Yue did not think that far ahead.

Tang Yue was filled with jealousy and resentment.

She was worried that if Su Bei was in the limelight, she would threaten her status in the Tang family.

Lu Tianqing did not care too much.


On the other hand, Sheng Xiaotang was also very wary of Su Beis outstanding performance.

If Su Bei continued to develop like this, sooner or later, she would destroy her and make her a foil.

She looked Su Bei up and down, her eyes suddenly fixed on Su Beis wrist.

She took a closer look and even approached Su Bei under the pretext of taking wine.

This time, she saw clearly that the bracelet on Su Beis wrist was exactly the same as Lu Tianqings bracelet.

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Sheng Xiaotang turned around and said to Lu Tianqing, “Miss Lu, I remember you saying that your bracelet is unique, right”

“Of course.” Although Lu Tianqing often pretended to be gentle, she was still full of arrogance.

“But Su Bei seems to be wearing one that looks just like it.

The one Su Bei is wearing must be fake, right” Sheng Xiaotang said and sneered.

“I really didnt expect Su Bei to come to such an event wearing a fake bracelet.”

These words attracted Lu Tianqings attention.

She looked at Su Bei and saw that the bracelet on Su Beis wrist was exactly the same as hers.

However, Su Beis frame was small.

The bracelet slid up and down her wrist, making her look even more petite.

Lu Tianqing was born with a big frame and an imposing aura.

The bracelet was stuck on her fair wrist, making her look even more voluptuous.

Lu Tianqing said, “I wasnt wrong in saying that my bracelet is unique.

However, there were originally two bracelets.”

“Huh There were originally two” Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue couldnt help but ask.

“Yes, there were originally two.

Unfortunately, one of them ended up somewhere.

Im afraid it was stolen and sold to others.

I just didnt expect Su Bei, a big celebrity, to wear something stolen.” Lu Tianqing was already arrogant to begin with.

Now that she had something on Su Bei, her tone became even more arrogant.

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