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“Thats right.” Special Assistant Fang smiled.

“Dont worry, Madam is very kind.”

Although Su Bei was not worried, she was still a little nervous about meeting such a big shot.

She wondered what that noble lady wanted to tell her.

Special Assistant Fang led Su Bei forward.

When Su Bei appeared, many people looked over with burning eyes.

However, due to their identities, everyone only gossiped with their eyes.

Then, they quickly came back to their senses and continued their topic of conversation from earlier.

In the distance, a distinguished lady stood in the crowd.

She was slightly plump and was dressed appropriately.

She had a graceful bearing and a loving smile.

Special Assistant Fang led Su Bei over and said with a smile, “Madam, Su Bei is here.”

“So this is Su Bei” Madam smiled.

“She really looks like a good kid.”

Qin Zufang stood at the side.

She didnt have any direct contact with Su Bei, and it wasnt convenient for her to acknowledge her at this time, so she just smiled.

Su Bei greeted her neither humbly nor arrogantly.

Madam smiled and said, “I heard from Wenyu that you have a friend whos very good at repairing jade artifacts.

Previously, he fixed Wenyus mothers bracelet extremely well.”


“Yes, thats all thanks to my friend.

I just benefited from him,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“You are too honest for your own good, child,” the madam said with a smile.

“Then next time, I may have to thank you for your friends help.”

Su Bei nodded and smiled.

“Thats my friends job.

Hell definitely agree to it.”

They all laughed.

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Tang Yue watched as Special Assistant Fang led Su Bei in.

She had thought that they shared a private relationship.

Unexpectedly, Special Assistant Fang directly led Su Bei to the distinguished presidents wife and they even started chatting!

Tang Yues gaze changed several times.

Her heart felt uncomfortable as if it had been pierced by a rusty steel needle.

When she went to the presidents wifes side with Lu Tianqing just now, she had only received a routine greeting.

The presidents wife didnt say anything to her in private and didnt even look at her.

And now, Su Bei was actually chatting happily with the presidents wife

Tang Yue went to Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing in a daze.

Seeing that her expression was extremely ugly, Sheng Xiaotang asked, “What happened Has your sister left”

“Su Bei…” Tang Yue was almost speechless.

Sheng Xiaotang subconsciously looked over and saw a slender figure beside the presidents wife.

Who else could it be but Su Bei

Sheng Xiaotang immediately looked at Lu Tianqings expression.

A trace of discomfort flashed across Lu Tianqings face before she quickly suppressed it.

It was just a female artist.

Lu Tianqing would not take her seriously!

Although she was also a female artist, she was the daughter of the Lu family and the official wife of a member of He Consortium!

Even if Su Bei received temporary favor, she would still just be an actress!

Sheng Xiaotang was really curious.

“Tang Yue, how did Su Bei get involved with that person”

“I dont know either.” Tang Yues face was pale, and her words were weak.

Sheng Xiaotang could only hold the wine glass tightly with her fingers.

Her expression was complicated as she looked thoughtfully in Su Beis direction.

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