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“Actually, its not a problem for me to bring you in under such circumstances.

However, Im busy today and cant take care of you.

If I bring you in, Im afraid Ill cause you trouble.

If theres nothing else, you can leave first,” Tang Yue said with an imperceptible frown.

“Really Im just waiting for someone here.

Im not getting in your way, am I” Su Bei asked.

Seeing that she was determined to stay here, Tang Yue knew that even if Su Bei was asked to leave today, Su Bei would definitely not agree.

Initially, it was fine for Su Bei to stay here, but Tang Yue really did not want Lu Tianqing to have anything to do with Su Bei.

She thought for a while and repeatedly considered the gap between Lu Tianqing and Su Bei.

Lu Tianqing was from He Consortium and had a very high status.

Even the guests here had to give her some face.

However, Su Bei was just a slightly famous female artist.

The two of them would have nothing to do with each other.

At this thought, Tang Yue relaxed and said, “Alright, if you want to stand here, just stand and wait, then.”

She didnt want to waste any more time on Su Bei.

She turned and came face-to-face with a man she immediately recognized as one of the presidents personal assistants.

The special assistant beside the presidents wife had an extraordinary status.

Compared to ordinary secretaries and assistants, his identity was completely different.

Such special assistants needed to have a high education, a family business, and strong ability.

Moreover, most of them were descendants of aristocratic families who came to train and accumulate connections.

In the future, they would become the pillars of the country.

Tang Yue had only gotten to know about this special assistant because she was by Lu Tianqings side.

When she saw him, the smile on Tang Yues face had unknowingly spread across her entire face.


“Special Assistant Fang!” Tang Yues voice rose with joy.

“Miss Tang.” A person like Special Assistant Fang was best at building a good relationships with anyone.

His handsome face was filled with an impeccable smile.

Tang Yue was about to say something to him when Special Assistant Fang looked at the person behind her and smiled.

“Miss Su.”

Special Assistant Fang walked past Tang Yue and strode toward Su Bei.

The smile on his face was no longer formal.

There was a hint of shyness and surprise.

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Tang Yue turned in shock as he walked toward Su Bei.

Su Bei nodded.

“Special Assistant Fang.”

Lin Wenyu had just said that she couldnt come and would ask a childhood friend to pick her up.

She had already sent her his photo and name.

Therefore, Su Bei recognized Special Assistant Fang at a glance.

Although Lin Wenyu had written his name, Su Bei still called his title politely after knowing his position.

“Im sorry to have kept you waiting, Miss Su.

This way, please,” Special Assistant Fang stepped forward and said in a friendly tone.

Su Bei walked in beside him.

Special Assistant Fang smiled and said, “When Wenyu said you were coming, I happened to have something on and came over a few minutes late.”

“Its okay,” Su Bei replied politely.

“Ill just wait inside.

Special Assistant Fang, you can go ahead with your matters.”

“Its no problem at all.

Madam invited you over.”

“Invite me Is it that madam” Su Bei was surprised.

Although Lin Wenyu had said that the presidents wife would attend todays banquet, she had not said that she wanted to meet her.

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