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The noble young master put his arm around He Xuyan and said, “No wonder youve always been single.

Youre not even taking advantage of such an opportunity.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Shes such a great beauty too.”

He Xuyan said nothing.

That great beauty was his cousin.

Could it be that he would have his eye on his cousin

“Why dont you introduce me, then”

He Xuyan rolled his dark eyes.

“Dont waste my time.”

“What do you mean by that I think Im pretty good.

Although I cant compare to your consortium, I wont be a drag on others, right”

He Xuyan stopped talking.

The rich young master continued to ask, “By the way, other people from your consortium are also here.

Are you not going to see them either”

“Who” He Xuyan finally showed some curiosity.

“I think her name is Lu Tianqing or something.

Isnt that He Yuans wife”

When He Xuyan heard this, the darkness in his eyes deepened, and his eyebrows furrowed.

Who was He Yuan to be considered a member of the consortium He was just the son of a mistress.

He would not even take an interest in He Yuan, let alone He Yuans wife.


Su Bei stood at the door.

She didnt see He Xuyan, and she did not care about the various people walking past either.

After a while, a man who looked like a bodyguard walked over and whispered, “Second Miss, Ill accompany you down the mountain.”

“Did you go the wrong way Youre supposed to eat at the bottom of the mountain, right These are all important guests.

Im afraid theyre not the people youre supposed to meet.” The bodyguards tone was polite, but his words were not.

He had been following Tang Yue all year round, so he naturally knew her status in the entire Tang family.

As for Su Bei, she didnt come home at all.

No one had much impression of her or respect for her.

“Theres no need to trouble you.

Ill be here.” Su Bei looked up at him.

The bodyguard froze.

He didnt expect her to say that.

However, he clearly did not believe her.

He had followed Tang Yue for a long time and had heard from her more than once that Su Bei did not have any ability.

She just relied on her face and the resources given by the old man to get to where she was now.

“Second Miss, if you dont leave, Ill have to report this to Eldest Miss,” the bodyguard said.

Seeing that Su Bei was unmoved, he immediately turned around and went to Tang Yue.

Tang Yue and Sheng Xiaotang were chatting with Lu Tianqing when they heard the bodyguard say that Su Bei refused to leave.

The three of them were a little surprised.

Sheng Xiaotang glanced at Tang Yue, whose complexion did not look too good.

She said, “Ill talk to her.”

Lu Tianqing smiled and said, “Is that your sister Why dont you call her in”

To her, it did not matter who she befriended.

In any case, they would eventually become her foil.

“Its better not to invite her over, Miss Lu.

That sister of mine wasnt raised at home in her early years and has always lacked discipline.

She doesnt know proper etiquette, so her presence here will only disturb your mood.”

“Then its up to you,” Lu Tianqing said casually.

Tang Yue immediately composed herself and walked toward Su Bei.

“Su Bei.” Tang Yue walked closer.

When Su Bei saw Tang Yue, she nodded in greeting.

Tang Yue smiled.

“It was tough to get here, wasnt it”

Su Bei found her words strange.

‘What does she mean it was tough

“After all, the people coming and going here are all important people.

Isnt it a little uncomfortable for you to come without an invitation and not be able to get in”

Su Bei smiled casually.

“Not really.”

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