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Qin Zufang didnt really care if Lu Yaode married a mistress or if the children were born to the mistress.

Those were other peoples family matters.

Lu Tianqing was invited to this banquet entirely because of her relationship with He Consortium.

Therefore, on the surface, Qin Zufang was protecting this relationship.

Seeing how Lu Tianqing was like a fish in water, Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue felt a little sour.

However, after feeling sour, they regained their rationality and knew that she deserved it.

Anyway, all of this had nothing to do with them.

However, the two of them still had ambitions.

They were inferior to Lu Tianqing now, but they might not be inferior to her in the future.

As long as one had the heart, one could make some connections here.

With that thought, both of them felt more comfortable and actively socialized.

Lu Tianqing flitted around the venue like a butterfly before finally stopping.

She went to the buffet area to drink something and rest her feet.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue followed her.

Tang Yues bodyguard came over and whispered, “Eldest Miss, Second Miss is at the door.”

“Yes.” The bodyguard was guarding the door.

When he saw Su Bei, he thought he should tell Tang Yue.

After all, they were family, so the bodyguards did not dare to neglect any one of them.

“Your cheap sister” Sheng Xiaotang asked.

These words were meant to tease.

Although Su Bei had returned to the Tang family, she rarely participated in the Tang familys activities and did not stay in Sheng Tang Entertainment.

Therefore, in the Tang familys social events, the gentle and kind ones would say her name, while the slightly more narrow-minded ones would say that she was Tang Yues cheap sister.

Lu Tianqing couldnt help but smile when she heard this.

However, even if she smiled, she knew her limits.

She continued to give off a kind feeling.

She had been taught well by her mother.

But Tang Yue was annoyed.

“Who knows if shes really my sister”

Sheng Xiaotang said, “Then she must have taken the wrong path.

From the looks of it, she should have gone down the mountain to eat.

Why did she come up the mountain”

Tang Yue regained her senses and said to the bodyguard, “Take her and leave quickly.”

Everyone here was a big shot.

Tang Yue really did not want Su Bei to embarrass herself here.

Although she didnt want to admit that she was her younger sister, she still had to put on a show.

If Su Bei embarrassed herself, what if someone mentioned that she was her younger sister Wouldnt she be embarrassed too

Su Bei stood at the door, waiting for the person Lin Wenyu had mentioned.

Lin Wenyu felt very sorry that she couldnt come in time, so she said that she had arranged for a friend to pick Su Bei up and take care of her.

Hence, Su Bei stood at the door and waited.

When He Xuyan arrived at the garden club, someone immediately came forward.



As a member of He Consortium, He Xuyans appearance here immediately attracted attention.

However, he had never been a high-profile person.

He said, “Im not here to attend the banquet.

Im just here to meet a friend.

Dont make a fuss.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

We wont make a fuss.


He, what youre most afraid of is being called back to inherit the family business.” The person who came also looked like a noble young master.

He reached out and placed his arm around He Xuyans shoulder.

“But the actress who made your movie a box office hit and saved you from going back to inherit the family business is also at the door.

Do you want to invite her in”

“No, someone will accompany her.” He Xuyan thought of Su Beis relationship with Lin Wenyu and felt that he didnt need to worry about Su Bei.

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