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Why make things difficult between fellow women

Su Bei was waiting when a car came up ahead.

Seeing the familiar car worth hundreds of thousands, Su Beis eyes twitched slightly.

Could it be the one she was thinking of

As expected, when the car drove over, she saw clearly that it was He Xuyan.

His dark eyes seemed deep and distant.

The last time Su Bei filmed his movie, she was afraid whenever she saw him.

His extremely high requirements for her physical fitness was just too demanding and shocking.

Still, she had to say hello.

Speaking of which, she had relied on her physical fitness that she attained from training under Director He to survive during this period.

Su Bei was about to greet him when another very luxurious and eye-catching luxury car followed in.

At this moment, there were cars parked everywhere.

The body of the luxury car was especially big, and it looked like a behemoth the moment it entered.

It would definitely struggle in this packed parking lot.

Before Su Bei could say hello, the luxury car and He Xuyans car scraped past each other.

He Xuyan stopped the car.

His dark eyes narrowed as he opened the door and got out.


The person in the luxury car also got out.

It was Tang Yue.

Tang Yue clearly did not recognize He Xuyan.

As soon as she got out of the car, her expression turned ugly.

“What happened”

“Im sorry, Miss.

When we came in, the car in front of us was looking for an empty parking spot and we accidentally scratched each other,” the driver said fearfully.

Actually, Tang Yue was not someone who would pursue these kinds of matters.

Normally, she would not be bothered with such a small matter.



But today was different.

For this banquet, she had specially arranged for this car to send her over.

This luxury car was worth tens of millions.

It was an engagement gift from the Du family and Du Jinghao when they got engaged.

It meant a lot to her.

That was one thing, but the most important thing was that she was very superstitious.

She hated any twists and turns when there was something important.

Previously, she had suffered at Su Beis hands.

Now, she was especially afraid that she would be delayed because of a small matter.

So when she got out of the car, her tone was extremely bad.

“How did the person in the car in front drive Are they blind”

Hearing this, He Xuyan rolled his eyes and said unhurriedly, “If its my fault, Ill compensate you.”

“Youll compensate me” Tang Yue glanced at He Xuyans car that cost more than hundreds of thousands of yuan, and her tone became even worse.

“Can you afford to compensate me Do you know that the spare parts of my car have to be custom-made in Italy How are you going to compensate me”

After Tang Yue said these words, she was done venting her emotions.

She did not want to argue with this poor brat anymore.

She said, “Forget it, forget it.

Ill just take it as though Im unlucky.

I dont want you to compensate me.

Lets go.”

“Miss, we havent determined whos in the wrong yet.

How do you know that Ill definitely have to compensate you What if its you who should compensate me” He Xuyan stuffed a hand into his pocket and asked.

Tang Yue couldnt be bothered with him anymore.

She took the wallet from the bodyguards hand and took out a wad of money.

She slapped it on He Xuyans cheap suit and said, “Is this enough”

He Xuyan took the money.

Tang Yue thought that she had encountered a scammer today and cursed her bad luck!

She turned to the car and told the bodyguard to choose another spot to park.

He Xuyan put the stack of money in his pocket and pouted.

He got into the car and found a spot before parking the car.

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