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“…” Lu Heting had even helped the president before!!!

Su Bei thought to herself that the man she had married was really amazing.

Because of Lu Hetings words, Su Bei, who was originally worried about such a big banquet, suddenly relaxed.

Hearing Lu Heting mention the presidential palace as if it was just another place, she would just treat it as a visit.

Therefore, the next night, Su Bei did not deliberately dress up for the banquet.

She only chose a dress suitable for the banquet according to her style and put on a thin layer of makeup before taking a taxi.

Because of the level of the banquet that night, the place where the banquet was held was a very quiet but unique garden club.

However, this garden clubhouse was actually hidden in a bustling place in the city.

A winding path separated the lively and quiet areas, forming two completely different worlds.

When Su Bei arrived, she realized that Lu Heting had brought her here before.

Thinking of this, she felt more familiar.

Her remaining nervousness disappeared.

As she got out, she ran into a super-luxury car pulling up alongside.

After the car stopped, a bodyguard got out and went to the backseat to open the door.

A well-dressed Sheng Xiaotang appeared.

Sheng Xiaotang helped the bodyguard out of the car in her high heels.

When she saw Su Bei, she couldnt help but smile.

“What a coincidence, Su Bei.

Are you here for dinner”


Because the garden club was up the mountain through that path, most people who went to the garden club parked their cars here.

Only a small number of people with special status could drive into the garden club.

In fact, the last time Su Bei followed Lu Heting to the garden club for a meal, their car went straight in.

However, this time, Su Bei didnt want to reveal her relationship with Lu Heting, so she chose to have the car park here and walk up.



Down the mountain was just a bustling restaurant.

Sheng Xiaotang naturally thought that Su Bei was here to eat at the foot of the mountain.

Su Bei also smiled.

“Yes, what a coincidence.

I didnt expect you to come here to eat too.”

Sheng Xiaotangs smile was a little disdainful.

Although they were both female artists, she had never thought that she was the same kind of person as Su Bei because she was the daughter of a prestigious family!

Su Bei wanted to be on the same level as her Impossible!

Sheng Xiaotang smiled to hide her disdain.

“Then I wish you a pleasant meal.”

With that, she walked straight to her destination while escorted by a large group of bodyguards.

Su Bei glanced at the time on her phone.

She was still waiting for Lin Wenyu to come over.

Lin Wenyu was an intern doctor and had a lot of things to do.

She was supposed to have come earlier, but she had already delayed it twice.

This was the third time.

“Su Bei, Im sorry.

I need another half an hour.

Theres an emergency and the patient is bleeding profusely…”

She was called away before she could finish speaking.

Bored, Su Bei touched the jade bracelet on her wrist.

She didnt mind waiting a little longer.

Anyway, it was not fun to go up alone.

She thought of the jade bracelet that Han Qingwan had given her the last time she saw Da Bao.

After that, Han Qingwan made it clear that she didnt like Su Bei, so Su Bei didnt wear the jade bracelet.

This time, because Su Bei empathized with Han Qingwan, she took it out and put it on.

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