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Lu Yaode did not take Lu Tiancis failure to heart.

“New industries change very quickly.

Even if Lu Weijian has the lead now, he might not be able to maintain his success.

It seems that the old man is still capable,” Lu Yaode said.

From the bottom of his heart, he still believed that the old man was behind all of this.

Lu Tianci also felt the same way.

“If that female artist hadnt interfered, I wouldve crushed Lu Weijian that day.

Also, I didnt expect Huo Zhong to change sides.

He really caught me off guard.”

“Let someone like Huo Zhong be.

By the way, your sister will be back soon.

Get ready.” Lu Yaode was overjoyed.

Speaking of which, Lu Tianqings ability was even higher than Lu Tiancis.

In T Country, she was a famous socialite and a well-known actress.

Although she couldnt penetrate the market in S Country, she had a lot of influence in all of Southeast Asia.

She also had a considerable reputation in countries like the United States.

In particular, her husband was a member of the He Consortium, one of the eight largest financial groups in the United States.

This made Lu Yaode and Lu Tianqings status rise as well.

This not only made Lu Tianqing proud, but Lu Tianci also regarded this as an honor.

Lu Yaode felt that such a daughter was completely like him back then.

She could handle everything.

Every time the name of his daughter was mentioned, he couldnt help but blush.

He could not be blamed for feeling so proud of his daughter.

After all, he had never seen the true abilities of the son he abandoned.


After all, the last time he saw Lu Heting, Lu Heting was only three years old.

His resentment toward him was written all over his face.

In his heart, Lu Heting was still only three years old.

How could he compare to his outstanding son and daughter

“Dad, Im back!” As soon as Lu Tianqing entered the villa, she strode into the living room.

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Her entourage pushed her dozens of suitcases and quietly followed her.

Her makeup was thick and exquisite.

She was very beautiful.

Her big eyes were seductive and could easily melt peoples hearts.

Just like her mother, Tian Xin, she had learned how to be humble.

She was very accommodating and tactful, so she was very popular outside.

She was also Lu Yaodes most beloved daughter.

As soon as she saw Lu Yaode, she immediately went forward and held her fathers arm warmly.

She smiled gently and said, “Dad, did you miss me I really missed you to death.”

“Why wouldnt I miss you Its been a long time since you went to the States.

Didnt you think of coming back early”

“Im back now, arent I By the way, I have a banquet tomorrow night.

Tianci will go with me.”

Hearing her mention the banquet, Lu Tianci knew that it was definitely not a low-level banquet.

Now, not only was Lu Tianqing a member of the Lu family, but she was also a member of the He Consortium.

There was no lack of big shots who would invite her to attend banquets.

“Sister, what banquet is it” Lu Tianci asked.

“In any case, you can never look too grand.

All I can reveal to you is that, at the very least, even the first lady of the S Country will be present.”

Lu Tianci hid his excitement.

“Got it.”

Lu Yaode was even more satisfied with his daughter.

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