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“Hes back” Han Qingwan felt a chill in her heart.

“With his son, Lu Tianci.

I heard that Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing will be back soon.”

Han Qingwan couldnt stand still.

With the help of the nanny, she sat down on the bed.

What had happened more than 20 years ago was still vivid in her mind.

She had truly loved that man, which was why she chose him out of so many suitors and married into the Lu family.

When she realized that her husband was disloyal, she couldnt endure her anger like other women in other families.

She couldnt pretend that nothing had happened for the sake of the familys harmony.

She was sincere in hopes of receiving the other partys sincerity as well, not for the sake of the superficial identity of Mrs.

Lu and a husband to share with others.

She refused to compromise, and things got worse.

Lu Yaodes heart had been given away to a lover who was used to serving him gently.

The two of them finally broke off.

All these years, Han Qingwan had raised her son alone.

She also brought back Lu Yaolans son, who had encountered the same thing as her, and raised him as well.

She thought that what had happened back then would no longer hurt her, but when she heard that the man had returned, her heart still ached.

“You brought the son of another woman to snatch my sons things” Han Qingwans gaze quickly became firm.


Right now, she didnt care about anything else.

But if anyone wanted to touch her sons things, then she shouldnt be blamed for being rude!

Han Qingwan flipped through the latest information and found that Lu Tianci had indeed started to take various actions against Lu Heting.

However, seeing that Lu Tiancis actions had been suppressed, she was a little relieved.

As expected of her son.

Even Lu Weijian was so capable that he could defeat Lu Tianci in seconds.

When she saw that Su Bei was the one who had contributed the most for defeating Lu Tianci, she was a little moved.

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In the past, she had indeed never liked Su Bei.

She had a physiological aversion to the industry that Su Bei was in.

Back then, Lu Yaode had cheated on her with Tian Xin.

That woman would smile at everyone she met, but behind the scenes, she would call up the mother and son to curse them.

Han Qingwan was a strong-willed person.

She had never told anyone about these hardships, but she had a deep prejudice against the women in that profession.

Now, she pushed aside these prejudices and did not think that Su Bei was as annoying anymore.

Perhaps her son was right.

A profession was just a profession.

It was no way of determining a persons nature.

Thinking of Da Bao and Gun Gun, Han Qingwan slowly calmed down.

“Lets move the pot of violets into the room,” she said to the nanny.

The nanny froze.

“Thats from the young madam…”

When Su Bei came over, she specially bought the flowers that Han Qingwan liked.

However, Han Qingwan had sent them to a corner.

Han Qingwan thought it through and said, “Although I cant be as close to her as a pair of mother and daughter, I can still treat her courteously, right”

The nanny had been in the Lu family for many years and knew that everyone in the Lu family was a good person.


Lu was just not good at expressing herself.

Seeing that Han Qingwan had reconciled with Su Bei, she couldnt wait to see the harmonious and quickly moved the pot of violets in.

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