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He put his hands on her shoulders.

“You dont have to come along.

Ill be fine.”

He didnt want Su Bei to feel aggrieved.

“It doesnt matter.

I can go.

I wont feel aggrieved.

Ive thought about it.

Shes your mother.

It wasnt easy for her to raise you to this age.

If I were in her shoes, I might also find it difficult to live in peace for the rest of my life if my husband cheated on me and I had to raise my son alone.”

This wasnt her bowing her head to Mrs.


She was just a woman thinking in Mrs.

Lus place.

She would also like to make her husbands life a little smoother.

She was unwilling to see him get caught in between his mother and his wife.”

“Su Bei…” Lu Heting knew that she had always been magnanimous, but what she said and did still touched him deeply.

“I cant be as close to her as a pair of mother and daughter, but we can still live in harmony.” Su Bei smiled.

Lu Heting pulled her into his arms.


The next day was a rainy day with fine beads of raindrops falling.

The weather was gloomy and chilly.

Su Bei postponed her event and went to pick up Mrs.

Lu with Lu Heting.


Han Qingwan didnt suffer during this period of time.

With Lu Hetings help, the police were just mainly looking for evidence and wouldnt make things difficult for her.

Now that the evidence was confirmed, she could leave.


Lu, the Lu family will be here to pick you up soon.” A policewoman gave her a new set of clothes.

Han Qingwan had a determined personality.

In her early years, she raised Lu Heting and Lu Weijian and supported Lu Group.

She was not very affected by this matter.

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Only the memories in her mind tormented her.

However, during the days she had been here, she had always been kind to others.

Hence, she received positive feedback.

The people here had treated her well.

When she heard that the Lu family had come to pick her up, she guessed that the butler had arranged for a chauffeur to come over.

Lu Weijian had forgiven her, but he hadnt completely forgiven her, right

As for Lu Heting… He already had Su Bei.

Han Qingwan had never counted on him.

After all, back then, her attitude toward Su Bei was not very good either.

Everything had its cause and effect.


Lu was clear about all this.

She looked down at the rain on the ground and finally sighed softly.

Someone was coming from afar.

Han Qingwan did not look up, but she heard her sons familiar voice.

“Mom, lets go home.”

Han Qingwan looked up and saw Lu Heting and Su Bei standing side by side.

They were holding a big black umbrella.

Lu Heting handed another umbrella to her with his other hand.

Han Qingwan was stunned for a moment.

Lu Heting brought the umbrella over.

Han Qingwan took it and opened it.

She was already a little surprised that Lu Heting had come to pick her up.

What surprised her even more was that Su Bei had come with him.

Was Su Bei here to laugh at her

It was obvious that it was impossible that was the case.

Su Bei clearly knew that she could go back.


Lu took another look.

As Su Bei didnt smile, she couldnt read her emotions.


Lu could only see a magnanimous expression in her exceptionally black eyes.

Han Qingwan stopped thinking about it and followed them into the car.

They returned to the Lu familys mansion in silence.

Lu Heting and Su Bei stayed for a simple lunch before leaving.

Han Qingwan recalled what had happened today and couldnt help but feel touched.

When she returned to her room, the nanny, who had been following her, helped her take off her coat.

The nanny then said, “Madam, that young master is back.”

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