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“Do you want to play games together” This was the only thing Su Bei could think of.

Since he kept inviting her to play games, Lu Heting was probably jealous, right

“If we can play in bed,” Lu Heting said.

After Old Master Lu saw the news, he couldnt help but shake his head.

“Youre not doing your job well!”

Lu Weijian sat beside him and cringed.

“Only physical industries can develop for a long time and bring long-term benefits to humans.

These games, live broadcasts, and so on…” Old Master Lu shook his head.

The leisurely life of humans was very important.

If one did well in this industry, it would be very promising.

It was not inferior to the physical economy at all.

The leisurely needs of humans were as important as their material needs.

Unfortunately, Lu Weijian only dared to think about these words in his heart.

The older generation like Old Master Lu wouldnt take this seriously.

They only felt that physical business was worth investing in.

“Did Su Bei really play that game” Old Master Lu already had a grandson who liked to play games.

He didnt want to see another one in the family being obsessed with games.

Therefore, he was very concerned about this.


“It was Da Bao,” Lu Weijian said honestly.

Old Master Lu had never liked others playing games, but he couldnt worsen the relationship between the Lu family and Su Bei, right

Old Master Lu was silent for a long time.

When he thought of Da Bao, he was overjoyed.

Then, he said, “Actually, playing games is quite good.

Its a balance between work and rest.

It wont be too tiring for him that way.

If Da Bao likes to play games, let him play.

Just make sure he doesnt hurt his eyes.”

“Grandpa, your double standards…”Isnt it too severe

“What double standards”

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“I mean, your watch is too beautiful.

Its simple and elegant.

How can those other watches compare”

“Hehe, isnt it Ive worn this watch for decades, but it still works with precision.

This is a traditional Swiss product from back then.

It was forged from the metal used in the American army.

The craftsmanship of the German craftsman, Hans…”

Lu Weijian sighed in his heart.

‘Im indeed not his biological grandson.

After this incident, Su Beis popularity soared.

She was offered many scripts and invited to variety shows and many acitvities.

Previously, when she was filming the movie, she had rejected many activities.

If she refused again, the profits of the entire company would obviously decrease.

Hence, she asked Qiao Mei to accept some for her.

Qiao Mei also knew that Su Bei was of high value now and did not need to cater to fans and some small brands.

She tried to help her choose high-end activities.

In this way, it would ensure that Su Bei would only take on suitable activities.

She would also have time to go home to accompany Da Bao and Gun Gun.

When they were resting at night, Lu Heting walked toward her and loosened his bow tie.

He said gently, “Im going to pick Mom up tomorrow.”

“She turned herself in to cooperate with the investigation, but the police didnt find much in the case that took place more than 20 years ago.

Even if she wants to stay, the police cant let her stay in the name of justice.”

Su Bei thought about it and agreed.

She said, “Then Ill go with you to pick her up.”

“Youll accompany me” Lu Heting didnt want Su Bei to accompany him.

He knew that Mrs.

Lu and Su Bei didnt have a good relationship.

Therefore, he only wanted to inform Su Bei about this without the intention of asking her to do anything else.

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