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“No one will know, and that player will be happy to oblige.”

Of course, Da Bao was happy to do it.

He was young and didnt care about such things.

Besides, he would definitely agree to give all credit to Su Bei.

He was Su Beis son.

What would that superficial reputation mean to him

Qiao Mei really had a headache.

“Alright, alright, Im convinced.”

“Doesnt that mean that Sister Bei Bei is my lucky star With her around, even bad things have to become good things.

Cant you see that even the expert named Quick-Hands Trash has acknowledged my Sister Bei Beis strength You said that I planned all of this.

Could I have planned for Quick-Hands Trash to get involved as well”

“Are you and Su Bei dating” Qiao Mei keenly realized that they were too close.

“Were not.

Were not! Dont talk nonsense!” Lu Weijian clarified.

“We have the relationship of a brother and sister!”

“Huh” Qiao Mei thought for a while.

Su Bei was clearly younger than Lu Weijian.

“Sister Bei Bei is just my lucky star.

Of course, Sister Qiao Mei, youre also my lucky star.

Its all thanks to you.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be where I am today.” Lu Weijian was a sweet talker.

Qiao Mei was too embarrassed to continue losing her temper.

She could only say, “Alright, stop talking.


That was about it.

Su Bei took on the identity of Baby, but she wouldnt play games, so she wasnt afraid of being exposed.


As for Lu Heting, he had been listening at the side.

After a long time, he said unhurriedly, “Qiao Mei, this employee, is not bad.”

“…” Lu Weijian was speechless.

After listening for so long, all he heard was Qiao Mei defending Su Bei

The last team battle that followed was ** Team versus TG Team.

No matter how much TG team advertised and how Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun tried to promote Coconut Video and Coconut Live, everyones response was surprisingly unanimous.

[TG team is quite powerful.

Xiaotang is also very beautiful! Coconut Video is not bad.

[Even so, we all choose Watermelon Video and Watermelon Live!]

Everyone didnt hesitate to uninstall Coconut Video and chose Watermelon Video.

Those who did not download Coconut Video at all directly chose Watermelon Video.

And Su Bei did not do anything during this process.

It could only be said that a lucky star was a lucky star.

There was no need for her to do anything personally.

The effects had already been maximized.

Therefore, the outcome of the competition was not important at all.

What was important was that in this battle, Lu Weijian had made a lot of money and Lu Tianci had to return in defeat.

The illegitimate son instigated the first battle to snatch the family business, but he was defeated badly!

Su Bei gained millions of crazy male fans for no reason.

Many people confessed to her in fancy ways every day.

However, the one who confessed the most was still Quick-Hands Trash!

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After the competition ended, he chose to play his personal games directly on Watermelon Video.

Then, during the competition, he exclaimed, “Sister Su Bei, Im here! Ill definitely be stronger than before! You must ask me out for the next competition!”

It was like seeing a top expert transform into a crazy fanboy.

Because of this matter, Quick-Hands Trash had even been on the trending searches a few times.

Facing Lu Hetings deep gaze, Su Bei learned Lu Weijians denial strategy.

“I dont know him.

Ive never seen him before.

Theyre talking nonsense.”

“Why dont we…” Lu Hetings gaze turned dark.

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