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Everyone was very interested in Su Bei.

After watching tonights game, then watching the live-stream videos of other female artistes such as Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun pretending to play games, it was really like watching the World Cup championship and then watching the domestic league of a small country.

Esports fans were no longer even the slightest bit attracted to the latter.

Su Beis fans were also proud of her and posted the comments crazily.

They couldnt wait to promote their idol to the entire world.

Lu Tianci looked at the hot search data and his apps data.

His face darkened.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun sat opposite him, their faces equally dark.

They had worked so hard to prepare for the live broadcasts, but the effect was worse than Su Bei just showing her face

Jia Shiyun had it worse.

This time, she had completely fallen out with Lu Group.

The outcome of her actions, even after buying fake accounts, was that her news only trended for a short while.

“How could Su Bei play games so well Lu Weijian must have hired an expert behind the scenes and made Su Bei show her face at the critical moment.” Sheng Xiaotang had no doubt about it.

However, this also meant that Lu Weijians public relations team had crushed Lu Tianci.

Sheng Xiaotang only said this and stopped talking.

Lu Tiancis face darkened even more.


Because of Su Bei, not only did Lu Weijian not get sucked dry by Lu Tianci, but the few apps and various games under his name also became popular.

Even if they spent tens of millions of yuan on publicity, it would not have as good of an effect as Su Beis appearance.

Of course, Quick-Hands Trash had also contributed a lot to this result.

Qiao Mei called Su Bei and asked, “Su Bei, is it really you”

“Its not me.

Its someone else.

I just accidentally showed my face.” Su Bei was unwilling to lie in front of Qiao Mei.

If anything happened, she would still need Qiao Mei to deal with it.

Qiao Mei heaved a sigh of relief.


Weijian didnt even inform me about such a big plan What if it had backfired Ill call him now!”

Qiao Mei was usually very protective of her celebrities.

She dared to directly refute her higherups too.

She laughed.

“Ill give him the phone, then.

You can talk to him.”

Lu Weijian took the phone and accidentally pressed the speakerphone function.

Qiao Meis righteous voice came from the other end of the line.


Weijian, Su Bei is our leading artist now.

We have to be very serious and careful when planning out her career.

I dont object to you planning this to promote your apps, but can you communicate with us in advance Or do you think Su Beis popularity can withstand your recklessness”

Lu Weijian was also a little afraid of Qiao Mei.

He hurriedly said, “Thats not it.

Dont talk nonsense.”

“It makes sense for you to bypass me for something like this, doesnt it You say thats not it Werent you the one who organized this game Arent you the final beneficiary”

Lu Weijian was really afraid of her.

“This was really an accident.

The player is someone else.

In the end, it was because of a bug in the software that Su Beis face was revealed.

I really didnt deliberately use her popularity.”

“Even if thats the case, should I let Su Bei continue to carry this title What if people find out in the future”

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