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It was not their fault that they had hacked into Babys camera and her appearance appeared in front of everyone.

They had only hacked it according to Lu Tiancis request.

Who knew that behind the filter was a female artiste with such strong appeal

No one could have expected things to develop to this point.

What everyone did not expect was that Huo Zhong would suddenly appear and call her Sister Su Bei with a smitten voice.

Then, he sold Lu Tianci out and increased the popularity of Watermelon Video and Watermelon Live instead.

Lu Tianci was even angrier at these good-for-nothings!

He made a long-distance call.

“Huo Zhong, whats wrong with you You changed sides and helped Lu Weijian.

Are you crazy”

“Lu Tianci, youre the one whos sick.

Its none of your business who I want to help.”

“Huo Zhong, dont forget that you promised to help me! You publicly expressed support for your competitor in the live-stream.

Have you forgotten the contract and the high penalty fee”

“Lu Tianci, have you forgotten that I promised to help you without taking a single cent Wheres the contract that states the penalty fee” Huo Zhong scolded back.

“…” Lu Tianci was reminded that he had indeed not signed a contract with Huo Zhong.

He had only casually threatened him with the penalty fee and had completely forgotten that he was not bound to him.

“Get Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun to arrange live broadcasts immediately.

Before the team battle, get the traffic back.” Lu Tianci had no choice but to arrange it this way.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun carefully prepared two live broadcasts under the companys arrangements.

The first round of broadcasts were to display their beauty, while the second round would see them selling their privacy.

Jia Shiyun complained about how she had been suppressed and ostracized in the Imperial Star back then, and how she had almost been violated.

Such a topic would definitely make it to the top of the trending searches at any other time.

It would also attract the interest of countless onlookers and cause a huge discussion.

The sort of topics that could stir up popularity and attract attention were all carefully considered by the company.

Therefore, Jia Shiyuns and Sheng Xiaotangs live broadcasts would definitely arouse everyones interest.

But as luck would have it, this was Su Beis era.

Therefore, Jia Shiyuns explosive topic was so explosive that she directly offended Lu Group.

She would definitely not have any dealings with Lu Group in the future.

She had only been on the trending searches for a while, but other than causing her own fans to feel heartache and concern, no one else cared.

Because everyones attention was on tonights match.

Usually, most of the Weibo users were women.

Men did not get involved much and did not like to speak.

They were also not as crazy as women when supporting their idols.

At least, that was usually the case.

But when men got involved, sometimes there was nothing that women could do about it.

That was the case tonight.

On Weibo, the news of this single-player battle occupied a total of 15 spots on the trending search list.

All of them were boosted by fans.





#Quick-HandsTrashAndSuBeiHaveAnAffair[Questioning Face.jpg]

Below every trending topic were comments by fans.

Every comment section was filled with tens of thousands of comments.

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