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[I dont think Su Bei has that ability.]

Huo Zhong had filmed with Su Bei before.

He admired Su Beis previous skills.

He had always liked the kung fu of S Country.

Unfortunately, in real life, his skills were far inferior to Su Beis.

After witnessing Su Beis skills, Huo Zhong firmly believed that she could crush him in the game.

After he went online, he immediately sent a world message and said, “Sister Su Bei is very powerful.

No one is allowed to question her!!!”

He sent a voice message, so everyone knew he was a man.

When they saw him appear, the audience, which had yet to disperse, was in an uproar.

[Holy sh*t, the Almighty is back online!]

[We didnt wait in vain!!! Quick-Hands Trash, I love you.

Do you mind having a gentle, affectionate, obedient man clean your keyboard and maintain your computer]

[God, Ive already fallen for you.]

[I love you and will never leave you in this life.]

[No, listen to what Quick-Hands Trash said just now.

He publicly admitted that Su Bei is very powerful.

He even called her Sister Su Bei!]


Huo Zhong sat in front of the computer and typed quickly.

[No one is allowed to say anything about my Sister Su Bei!]

[We wont say a word Quick-Hands Trash.

Well do whatever you say.]

[Ahhh, what kind of touching revolutionary friendship is this Two big gods helping each other]

Huo Zhong continued typing.

[Sister Su Bei, are you still online Sister Su Bei, do you want to play games together Sister Su Bei, are you busy]

Unfortunately, the only response he received was a crazy barrage of comments and all kinds of screams.

Babys profile picture was dim as she had already gone offline.

“Quick-Hands Trash, whens your next live broadcast]

[Can I play games with you, Quick-Hands Trash]

[Quick-Hands Trash, please answer me, please seduce me, please touch me, please everything!]

Huo Zhong thought for a while and looked back at what Su Bei had said before she went offline.

She asked everyone to support Watermelon Video and Watermelon Live, so he commented: [Ill do live-streams in the future.

Do watch my gaming live-streams.

Please live-stream on Watermelon Video and Watermelon Live.]

[Ahhhhh, luckily I downloaded Watermelon Video early in the morning!]

[Mighty Watermelon Video!]

[Goodbye, Coconut Video.

Im off to see Baby and my god.]

[Okay, okay, got it.

These two big gods are doing advertising work.

Ill accept it this time.]

[Thats not right.

Lu Tianci was the one who invited Quick-Hands Trash to create momentum for Coconut Video.

Whats going on]

Huo Zhong also saw the last comment.

Yes, Watermelon Video was under Lu Weijian.

Why was he standing up for Lu Weijian

Was he crazy just now What good would it do for Lu Weijian to develop so well

However, the person who abandoned him was Huo Ye, Lu Weijians father.

The person who forced Huo Ye to not care about him and his mother was Old Master Lu.

It had nothing to do with Lu Weijian.

All in all, there was nothing wrong with helping Lu Weijian!

Therefore, Huo Zhong quickly stopped regretting anything.

In any case, he just wanted to do a live-stream with Sister Su Bei.


Lu, more than half of our users have deleted our apps.”

“The number of viewers on the streaming platform has dropped by almost two-thirds.”

“The subsequent downloads are stagnant.

There are almost no new users downloading.”

Lu Tiancis face was ashen.

The hackers standing beside him looked at each other with their heads bowed, not daring to speak.

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