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[Thats really Su Bei! Why Why does a female artiste play games better than me!]

[Because thats my goddess! My goddess is indeed omniscient and omnipotent.]

[Su Bei, Baby, wait for me.

I must earn lots of money to marry you.]

[Why do you want to marry her To let her play games and torture you with her skills]

[My worldview has been refreshed.

I cant believe my eyes.

It was such a competitive match, and the player was Su Bei!]

[Actually, Im not surprised.

Didnt Su Bei endorse one of Lu Weijians games previously Do you remember]

[F*ck, now that you mention it, I remember now.

Back then, she did game advertisements!]

[By the way, Su Bei works for Lu Weijian, who produced Watermelon Video and Watermelon Live.

Im going to download the apps.]

[Wait for me.

I have to download them too.]

[Count me in.

Ill firmly support Watermelon Video in the future!]


In a short while, the number of people deleting Coconut Video reached a new high, and the number of people in the live broadcast room kept withdrawing as well.

Although it was normal for the number of people in the live broadcast room to gradually decrease after the live broadcast ended, there were more and more people in the live broadcast rooms on Watermelon Video, which made the situation on Coconut Video very abnormal.


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