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Therefore, Babys true appearance quickly appeared on the computer.

Then, everyone froze on the spot.

Lu Tianci was also stunned on the spot.

Because the real face of Baby under the filter was—

As Su Bei had picked up Da Bao just now, she was sitting in the chair that Da Bao had just sat in.

Da Bao was carried away by Lu Heting, so only Su Bei was sitting on that chair.

The entire camera was aimed at her.

She planned to pack up the computer, turn it off, and go sleep with the sleepy Da Bao.


Unexpectedly, at that moment, she appeared on the computer screen.

She was stunned.

Why did she appear on camera when she did not operate anything

Lu Heting and Lu Weijian also noticed this.

The screen was already flooded with comments again.

Everyone was asking about the situation.

Streams of comments flew across the screen.

[Su Bei F*ck, why is it Su Bei Oh my God, Im going crazy.]

[Baby is actually Su Bei.

Shes my goddess.

What kind of treasure is she I love her!]

[Mommy, its Su Bei, its Su Bei.]

There was no other explanation for Su Beis stunned expression.

The only explanation was that she did not expect to show her face, so she was very surprised.

[Su Bei, is that you Please answer.

Please say a few words to us!] Even the commentator couldnt help but ask, “Our audience friends are very interested about your situation now.

Can you say a few words to us

It was impossible for Su Bei to explain to others that the person playing the game was Da Bao.

Da Bao was still young and needed privacy.

Lu Weijian mouthed for her to agree to everything.

Su Bei made up her mind.

This was the only way now.

She couldnt possibly explain to everyone that her son, who was barely six years old, was the real player, right

“Thank you for your interest.

I hope you can support Watermelon Live and Watermelon Video.

Do download more games under the Invincible Swordsman.” Su Bei didnt directly admit that she was Baby.

She only used the platform to greet all the audience.

Then, she quickly logged off and shut down the computer.

Lu Weijian gave her a thumbs up.

“Sister-in-law, youre really my sister-in-law.

You didnt forget to advertise for me in the face of danger.”

Su Bei spread her hands.

“What do we do now”

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“It doesnt matter.

In any case, were only here to fight Lu Tianci.

We wont let Baby appear in public and play games.

Why dont we let this matter become a beautiful misunderstanding”

If it were anyone else, Su Bei would definitely not agree.

However, this matter concerned Da Bao.

It could not be helped if others mistook her for Da Bao now that things had come to this.

She had to bear this undeserved reputation herself.

Lu Heting didnt think there was anything wrong with this.

Anyway, Su Bei was the best in his heart.

It made no difference whether it was Da Bao who was good at gaming or her.

However, the internet was very unsettled.

Most of the audience in this competition were men.

Su Bei had many male fans, so her appeal among them was especially strong.

This time, it was even revealed that she was Baby.

Those who had finished watching the competition posted comments in the live broadcast room.

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