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At the same time, the entire live-stream audience was watching the competition nervously and excitedly.

In the later stages of the competition, the excitement had completely exceeded their imagination.

It no longer mattered who won or lost.

What mattered was that they had seen the most exciting competition in history.

Every attack, defense, and dodge was superb.

The comments on the screen was going crazy.

[Im impressed.

The gods are indeed gods.

Its worth it to see these two gods play it out in my lifetime.]

[I only hate how uncultered I was when I was young.]

Even Lu Weijian and Su Bei were excited.

Only Lu Heting and Da Bao maintained their cold faces as if these things had nothing to do with them.


The match was coming to an end.

At the appointed time, after the two gods each released their respective stunning ultimate move, it was a draw!

Huo Zhong was already exhausted and deeply admired his opponent.

Da Bao put down his headset and keyboard.

After all, he was still young and got tired after the battle.

He took a deep breath.

Su Bei quickly held him in her arms, her heart aching.

No matter how powerful he was, he was only her son.

However, she was still so excited that she wanted to say that her son was really awesome! He was indeed Da Bao!

Lu Heting could not bear to see his wife tired.

He reached out and carried his son to his side.

Da Bao did not mind being carried by him.

When he was tired, it was quite comfortable to be carried.

Lu Weijian had nothing to say now.

He had a bright smile on his face and was grinning from ear to ear.

At this moment, Lu Tiancis hacker said, “Weve broken through Babys camera.

We can see who he is now.”

“Quick, open it immediately!” Lu Tianci said impatiently.

The hacker immediately controlled the keyboard and turned on the camera on Babys side so that Lu Tianci could see the extremely capable player who was a match for Huo Zhong!

Lu Tianci stared at the computer screen, unwilling to miss anything.

The camera was turned on, and Da Baos entire appearance appeared on the live video feed.

At this moment, not only could Lu Tianci see who Baby was, but the entire audience also saw that face on the computer screen!

The audience was still in a very excited state.

They posted comments and reminisced about the exciting solo battle game.

At this moment, on the live-stream screen, everyones attention was attracted to Babys profile photo although he had gone offline earlier.

please keep reading 0n MYB0XN0 V EL.


[Babys back Could he have something to say to us viewers]


Looking forward to it, though.]

[I wonder if its a girl or a boy I want to hear their voice.

I want to see them.]

Everyone saw that after Baby went online, the filter still covered his face, preventing people from seeing his actual appearance.

Even the hands he operated had filters moving with him, covering his hands at all times.

Just as everyone was feeling a little disappointed, the filter on the computer screen disappeared.

This was because Lu Tiancis people had already hcaked into Babys computer camera and also removed the filter that covered his head and hands.

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