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While everyone was enjoying the show, the most common question they asked was: [What kind of expert is Baby]

A world-class expert like Quick-Hands Trash was publicly acknowledged to be difficult to deal with.

He had never been defeated.

His resume was filled with victories.

There was no need to talk about those who had fought with him before.

Even those professionals who had not fought with him before could also get a sense of his gaming skills through watching his matches.

Until now, no one dared to say that they could defeat him.

But now, the outcome of the competition was basically 50-50.

The two sides were actually fighting to the bitter end!

This was the worlds number one player!

[Who the hell is the other guy]

[Whos Baby I beg you to show your true face!]

[Im in awe.

I shouldnt have looked down on that name.

Indeed, a god is a god.

No matter what his name is, hes a god.]

[Ive decided to use the name Baby too in the future.

I dont believe I can lose if I do that.]


[Wait, Baby, can I take the exam without failing]

Lu Weijians team was also in an uproar.

The group of people swore that they would find Lu Weijian and ask him who Baby was.

Huo Zhong felt extremely pressured.

His nerves began to get all jangled up too.

He never expected to be so exhausted when facing his opponent.

Although he still had the upper hand now and it was hard to say who would win, he knew that he had already used his full strength.

This was completely different from his usual relaxed state.

Lu Tianci could also tell that Huo Zhongs situation was not too good.

But even if he lost, it would not affect Lu Tianci much.

He had already gotten all the traffic that he needed to get, and the downloads and views of the apps under his name were also very outstanding.

It would not be a problem for the apps to stabilize in the future.

When the traffic was converted, it would all become money in his pockets.

However, he was curious.

Where did Lu Weijian find such a powerful person

He gave instructions to the people around him before beginning to watch the competition.

The people around him immediately started hacking into Babys computer, wanting to see the true face of this god of gaming.

Lu Tianci could not sign Huo Zhong to his professional team, but if this god was willing to join, he knew that his TG team would be invincible in the world.

“Have you found anything” Lu Tianci asked 10 minutes later.

The staff member beside him was sweating.

“The security factor of the other partys computer is especially high.

It wont be easy to hack into it.”

Lu Tianci waited patiently.

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However, his staff did not have it easy.

Even though Da Baos computer only used a little of the firewall that he wrote himself, it was enough to resist these intrusions.

The match was still in progress.

Baby was beginning to have the upper hand.

Lu Tianci had already lost his patience.

“Arrange for a few more people from the technical department to come over.”

His technical department had a lot of top hackers, because only by hiring these hackers could he defend himself from other hackers.

Soon, the hackers were attacking Da Baos computer.

It was not to sabotage his game but to find out who he was.

However, the other partys firewall system was too powerful.

There was almost no breakthrough.

The hackers could only start with the weakest aspect in the computers camera.

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