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The people in Lu Weijians team were also typing in their group chat.

[Do you know who Baby is]

[I dont.

Brother Lu refused to tell me.]

[Could it be Brother Lu himself]

[Im sure thats not it.

Havent you seen how hes been constantly scratching his head out of nervousness these days]

[I hope its Batman Luko from Mexico whos second in the world.]

[Id prefer it to be the player whos ranked third in the world and is extremely fast but whose condition is unstable.

After all, what if his condition stabilizes]

While everyone was discussing, Lu Weijian replied: [Just watch the competition.]

Only then did everyone look at their computers.

Da Bao was going to participate in such an important competition, but there were only Lu Heting, Lu Weijian, and Su Bei around.

As for Gun Gun, although he was clamoring to watch the show, he was sleepy when the time came.

He rubbed his eyes with both hands and began to lean his head against Su Beis body.


His sleepy appearance reminded Lu Heting of Su Bei, making his heart soften even more.

Lu Heting picked him up.

“Ill bring you to bed.”

“No, I want to see Big Brother Da Bao play…” Gun Gun disagreed, but the sounds of his struggles grew fainter.

“The competition…”

He tilted his head and fell asleep on Lu Hetings shoulder.

Lu Heting chuckled and said in a low voice, “Silly boy.”

Su Bei sat closest to Da Bao, but she was out of view from the computers camera.

Time was up.

The match had officially begun.

After the competition started, the noisy people stopped making a fuss.

There were fewer comments.

However, when Baby made a few brilliant moves, the comments began to increase visibly.

[Baby, youre amazing! These few moves stunned me! How did you do it]

Huo Zhong, who was sitting opposite the computer, also felt some pressure.

Although he did not underestimate his opponent, he did not think much of this person called Baby.

However, after exchanging blows, he realized that the other party was indeed not easy to deal with.

His strength and speed were actually above Lu Weijians.

He wondered which expert it was.

Half of the audience and fans watching this competition were watching through Lu Weijians Watermelon Video and Watermelon Live.

A quarter of them were on Lu Tiancis Coconut Video and Coconut Live.

The other quarter watched it through some other recording platforms.

The staff member beside Lu Tianci had been reporting the situation.


Weijian, the number of users watching through us has increased.

Its slightly more than a quarter.

“The number of overseas users is also growing steadily.

“Lu Weijians two apps have been around longer than ours.

This time, we have half or even more than half of their numbers.

We dont have to worry about the future development.

If nothing else happens, well have the same number of users as them or even more than them when it comes to the team battle.”

Lu Tianci looked at everything in front of him with satisfaction.

All of this was brought about by the competition.

Meanwhile, the competition was in full swing.

What was unbelievable was that Baby, whom no one thought highly of, had displayed extremely high standards.

Under the super strong attack of Quick-Hands Trash, the others didnt think they could last more than a few moves.

However, not only was Baby not at a disadvantage, but he was also able to counterattack easily after dodging in the battle.

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