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Many people had already made videos on Coconut Live and Coconut Video.

They had also signed up to watch the single-player and team games.

Lu Tianci kept receiving good news.


Lu, the downloads for Coconut Video and Coconut Streaming App have exceeded 10 million.”


Lu, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyuns live broadcast has brought tens of millions of views to a few major apps.”


Lu, its estimated that the number of visitors to the app will exceed 100 million on the night of the individual competition.

Well apply for additional maintenance staff to prevent bugs from appearing.”

Lu Tianci looked at the documents and smiled.

He asked, “How many people are expected to participate on the night of the team battle”

“No less than 200 million.

Compared to watching individual battles, many esports fans still like to watch team battles.

At the moment, the number of downloads and views worldwide is already very impressive.”

Lu Tianci knew that inviting Huo Zhong to participate in the competition was the right decision.

Huo Zhong was famous and could bring countless foreign traffic.

This would also lay a solid foundation for his apps to enter the international market in the future and be listed on the US NASDAQ.

The night of the singles match.

All equipment checks were correct.

The computer Da Bao used was also equipped with professional software to cover his face and hands.

Da Baos real appearance would not be shown.

Of course, a high-level player like Quick-Hands Trash had never shown his true face either.

However, the fans who were watching the competition did not care about this.

They were watching to see if the competition was good or not.

They were not here to see if the fight was exciting.

No one paid much attention to the real faces under the filters.

Su Bei squeezed Da Baos shoulder.

“Good luck, baby.”

For once, Da Bao smiled.

“Thank you.”

He had been waiting for this moment.

It had been a long time.

Although he looked as cold as Lu Heting, deep down, he was still a boy.

This competition was not only to help Lu Weijian, but also to determine who between them would be the winner and loser.

It was a rare opportunity for him to test his strength.

To Da Bao, the harder it was to face a certain challenge, the more powerful he would become.

Perhaps, he had inherited the Lu familys most competitive genes.

Of course, he also had the ability to support his competitiveness.

On Huo Zhongs side, he was sitting in front of his computer and starting various preparations.

Although the other party called himself Baby, he knew that he could not let his guard down.

Under the oppression of the Lu family, his father exiled him and his mother to the United States.

In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years had passed.

He had resentment in his heart, but more than that, his heart ached for his mother.

That distant and high and mighty Lu family in the east had always existed like a thorn in his heart.

Now, Lu Weijian was standing in front of him, brandishing his sword.

All he had to do was face this thorn in his side, defeat it, and pull it out!

The screen was already filled with people.

There were so many people sending comments that the people on the other side of the screens could not see what they had sent or what others had sent.

[Im looking forward to it!]

[Quick-Hands Trash is invincible!]

[Baby, go home and drink milk!]

[Well witness the battle of the century!]

[The one who said that this is the battle of the century, wake up.

Is Baby qualified to participate in the battle of the century]

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