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“Theres no need.

Ive memorized it all.”

‘Ill only say it once, youre amazing!

“First of all, I cant guarantee that Ill win.” Da Bao had seen the video of Quick-Hands Trash.

He was indeed as fast as lightning and swept like a tornado.

The American netizens were right.

Da Bao was confident in himself, but he also knew that he was only five years old.

Just the length of his fingers was far inferior to Quick-Hands Trash.

“I believe in you! You can definitely do it!” Lu Weijian patted his shoulder.

“In my opinion, you definitely have the ability to fight him.

You just have to be calm!”

“All I can promise is that Ill fight him to a draw and find a chance to beat him.”

Lu Weijian almost knelt down.

Was this not considered guaranteeing a win If he could already guarantee a draw, what more was winning

“Then come up with a name.”

“Lets just go with Baby.”


Recently, Lu Weijian had always been speechless.

When Lu Weijian announced that the person who was about to have a one-on-one battle with Quick-Hands Trash was called Baby, it immediately became a trending topic.

And the trending topic was in this form of #Baby, followed by a little yellow man emoji with a head full of question marks.

Not only was Baby unknown, but this name also seemed to imply that the person was young.

Everyone seemed to imagine a little kid with a pacifier in his mouth while smiling cutely.

A person like him was going to go against Quick-Hands Trash

The people on Weibo were about to die laughing.

[So, Lu Weijian knows that hell lose no matter what, so he chose this player wholl act cute]

“Hahaha, I think this is a good plan.

Maybe when Quick-Hands Trash sees this name, he wont have the heart to torture him anymore.

Its also possible that hell let him off.]

[I wonder whats gotten into Mr.

Weijians head.

Whats going on]

[I knew it.

When facing Lu Tiancis Thunder Strike, no one can fight back.

Coupled with the fact that his hands are fast, the outcome is probably already decided.]

[Lets bet! Those who bet on Lu Weijian winning is probably 1:20.]

[What about those who bet on Lu Tianci winning]

[One to three! Its all because Lu Tianci looks so confident!]

Lu Weijian didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Lu Tianci himself was surprised.

He had thought that even if Lu Weijian didnt seek external help, he would at least fight on his own.

Who knew that he would find such a player

However, because of this, the matter was even more hyped up.



Huo Zhong was unhappy.

“You want me to compete with such a person Im not participating!”

Lu Tianci could only make an overseas call.

“What do you think this is Lu Weijian is deliberately humiliating you.

The only way you can humiliate him is to crush Baby.

If you withdraw now, what do you think Lu Weijian will say”

Huo Zhong was silent for a long time.

In fact, although Lu Weijian knew of his existence, he had never thought of looking for him or interacting with him.

However, under Lu Tiancis instigation, Huo Zhong still decided to teach Lu Weijian a lesson!

Besides, it was also because of the effects of the name Baby that this single-player competition attracted the attention of countless people.

Lu Tianci had also been promoting the competition.

After all, there was still the final team battle.

That would be the time for him to welcome high traffic and have the few apps under his name soar to the peak!

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