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‘But Ive never won when I fought him!

“Okay, let me think about it.” Lu Weijian waved his hand to dismiss everyone.

Otherwise, his pride was going to suffer even more.

Quick-Hands Trash was currently ranked first in the world.

When Lu Weijian was in a good state, he could hover around second and third place.

However, he played games mostly for fun.

He played whatever was fun, so he often lingered around the ninth and tenth place.

Come to think of it, even if he brought in the second and third-ranked players, they still wouldnt be able to put up a fight against Quick-Hands Trash.

His eyes lit up.

The only solution now was Big Brother!

In Lu Hetings office, Lu Weijian tried for a long time but to no avail.

Lu Hetings hand speed was indeed fast, and his ability was very strong.

However, it was obvious that he was not familiar with games and solo battles.

If he wanted to participate in the competition, he had to undergo last-minute training.

But as the head of Lu Group, the person who controlled the economy of Asia and even of the entire world, did he have the time to practice games

What could he possibly gain from it

He could just use the time to spend it with his wife and children.

“No,” Lu Heting said simply.

“But the other party is Lu Tianci, the illegitimate son who wants to snatch your family business.”

“Can he get it” Lu Heting asked.

‘Okay, youre awesome.

Youre awesome.

“Brother, am I still your biological brother” Lu Weijian changed tactics and brought up familial relations.

Lu Weijian sat on the sofa dejectedly, hugging the pillow pitifully like a frustrated puppy.

When Lu Heting finished his work, he was still sitting there with a frown.

Lu Heting raised his hand and pinched the space between his eyebrows.

In the end, his heart softened.

“Anyone but me.”

“You said it yourself!” Lu Weijian jumped up.

“You have to keep your word!”

“Da Bao and Sister Bei Bei have already agreed to help me!” Lu Weijian waved his phone.

Lu Heting was speechless.

It turned out he had already convinced Su Bei.

He was just afraid that he wouldnt agree to let Da Bao participate, so he came here to look for him

Lu Weijian was afraid that Lu Heting would go back on his word, so he immediately took preventive measures.

“Alright,” Lu Heting interrupted.

“I agree, but Da Bao cant show his face.”

“Of course.

Weve already agreed that the competition will be done at home.

A third-party organization will check if anyones cheating or if they dont conform to the rules of the competition.

The rest is completely up to us.

I definitely wont let my nephew show his face!”

Lu Heting was speechless.

So he had already thought of everything.

He came to pester him in the afternoon just for this

Lu Heting didnt know if he should punch this annoying face in front of him.

Da Bao had never participated in the world rankings and rarely participated in official competitions.

People in small circles would be able to recognize his account.

But in the larger circles, almost no one knew him.

Besides, he only played games occasionally.

His studies were his main focus.

Lu Weijian still had to specially teach him some things.

Fortunately, Da Bao had a photographic memory.

Lu Weijian said, “Let me teach you this again…”

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