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Huo Zhong was disappointed and disgusted by his irresponsible father.

He also had an inexplicable opinion about Lu Weijian.

His heart ached for his mother who had lived in the United States for more than 20 years, but he knew that he was just an illegitimate child.

He had no right to blame Lu Weijian.

However, the thought of defeating Lu Weijian had always been hidden in the depths of his heart.

Perhaps people who had been hurt by their childhoods and families would spend their lives making up for their childhoods.

They would fight to heal from their childhood trauma all their lives.

They wanted to prove to the world that they were no worse than anyone else.

The news that Quick-Handed Trash would become Lu Tiancis special guest contestant and fight against Lu Weijian exploded like a heavy bomb.

Professional fans who liked esports were familiar with the name Quick-Hands Trash.

Ever since he entered the esports scene a few years ago, he had an unparalleled record in both individual and team battles.

His hand speed was so fast that fans in the United States called himRaging Tornado.

Moreover, because he was of Country S bloodline, he often used profanities in the local language during competitions.

As a result, his fans in the United States were familiar with the local curse words.

This time, he was invited to fight.

The esports scene exploded at the news .

[Is it true Someone please strangle me awake and tell me Im not dreaming!]

[To the commenter above, Ill do it for you.]

[Damn! Lu Tianci is generous! Ill download Coconut Video, Coconut Live, and anything else that Lu Tianci invested in.]

[I really didnt expect to see this lord accept a challenge like this in my lifetime.]

[His hand speed is so fast! Lets see whos going to be tortured by him!]

Lu Tianci managed to invite Quick-Hands Trash, whose popularity was simply overflowing.

Lu Weijian scratched his head.

He had fought this person before, but every time, he was just a hair away from winning.

The ** Team he led was only able to win the championship last year because at that time, Quick-Hands Trash was resting because of his illness.

Hence, ** Team got a privilege.

As there was a one-on-one battle this time, Lu Weijian had thought of hiring all kinds of experts.

However, he never thought that the other party would be able to hire Quick-Hands Trash!

After all, he was famous for not dabbling in business and doing as he pleased.

He did not like to participate in boring business activities.

Lu Weijian looked at the members of the team.

Everyone hung their heads, clearly avoiding his gaze.

Everyone could play any competition and had no problem cooperating.

However, the individual competition… was the most difficult of all competitions.

Although there were some uncertainties, individual skills were indeed very important.

Everyone was not afraid of team battles at all.

They could do whatever they wanted, but it was a little difficult for them to fight individual battles, especially against Quick-Hands Trash.

No one was willing to be crushed in public when they knew they were going to lose!

“Im afraid youre the only one who can fight him, Mr.

Weijian!” A team member looked up at Lu Weijian seriously.

“Thats right.

Besides, youve played in a one-on-one competition with Quick-Hands Trash before.”

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