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Now that Lu Tianci wanted a share, wouldnt he be sucking Lu Weijians blood

Lu Heting asked him, “Hows the matter with Lu Tianci”

“Everything went smoothly! If I cant even handle a mere Lu Tianci, how can I still have the cheek to be your younger brother Dont worry, if theres a problem, Ill look for you for help.

I hope you can help me when the time comes.”

Lu Weijian was still counting on Da Bao to help him when the time came, so he had a way out.

Lu Heting didnt say anything and just nodded.

Indeed, he didnt need to do anything to Lu Tianci.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyuns various promotions had indeed played a huge role in boosting TG Teams and Lu Tiancis name in the industry.

Even many netizens couldnt help but say: [In order to see the beautiful ladies, Ill definitely download the Coconut Live and broadcast the game live!]

[If Xiaotang is a loyal user of Coconut Live, Ill use it too!]

[For Shiyun, Ill risk it! I even downloaded Coconut Live on my parents phones.

Beautiful woman, come on!]

In order to thank their fans, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun even arranged a few live broadcasts on the two apps, Coconut Video and Coconut Live, which attracted countless people to watch.

Just before the team battle between Lu Tianci and Lu Weijian, there was a one-on-one PK.

A one-on-one PK was a one-on-one battle between two parties.

There was no special rule on who the player should choose.

It was up to fate whether they chose a member or sought external help.

Lu Tianci placed high importance on this one-on-one PK, so he spent a lot of money early on to choose a top player in the United States who claimed to be the fastest and had never lost.

The contestants name was arrogant.

He called himselfQuick-Handed Trash.

The name said something about him and revealed his contempt for his enemy.

His real name was Huo Zhong.

That was right.

It was the young male actor, Huo Zhong, who had filmed Mother with Su Bei previously.

Huo Zhong originally did not agree to Lu Tiancis invitation to participate in this individual competition.

He had no interest in the competition and did not like to participate in commercial competition.

However, Lu Tianci convinced him with one sentence.

“The person youll be defeating is Lu Weijian.

If I remember correctly, his surname was originally Huo”

A strange light flashed in Huo Zhongs eyes.

He then agreed to Lu Tiancis invitation.

The Huo family was the family that Lu Weijians mother, Lu Yaolan, married into.

The man she married was called Huo Ye.

After Lu Yaolan married into the family, Huo Ye had an affair with a female celebrity and model.

After Lu Yaolan gave birth to Lu Weijian, Lu Weijian was taken in by Old Master Lu.

Therefore, Lu Weijians surname should have been Huo.

Lu Yaolan and Han Qingwan, this pair of sisters-in-law, had the same fate.

This caused Mrs.

Lu and Han Qingwan to raise Lu Weijian as their own.

But there was still a fundamental difference between Huo Ye and Lu Yaode.

Lu Yaode went crazy over the beauty by his side.

He abandoned his wife and son, which split up Lu Groups huge family business.

He ran to T Country to live a carefree life.

As for Huo Ye, under the pressure of the Lu family and Old Master Lu, he was never able to marry his mistress in his life.

Moreover, not long after, he sent Huo Zhong and his mother to the United States where he wanted them to stay forever.

He only paid for their stay, and he never visited them.

Their relationship as family only existed in name.

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