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On the internet, Lu Weijian accepted the challenge.

[Team battle or individual battle, you choose!]

Lu Tianci replied: [Everything.

Is that alright]

[Okay!] Lu Weijian made the decision and rang the battle bell.

On the internet, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun had already started to warm up.

They had posted a few videos of themselves playing games on Weibo, and they were quite good at it, causing their fans to praise them non-stop.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun were both pure and innocent.

They had a lot of homebody fans.

As expected, the videos of them gaming had already attracted many such fans.

Moreover, otakus were the ones who liked to play games the most.

They were also the ones with the highest spending power.

If they could convert their enthusiasm into games, live broadcasts, and future IP adaptation movies, Lu Tiancis career in S Country would be completely and thoroughly revived.

Coupled with his experience in T Country, he believed that when the time came, Old Master Lu would definitely see his ability and acknowledge it.

From there, the old master would consider handing over Lu Group to him.

He and Lu Yaode had been in T Country for more than 20 years.

They did not know that Lu Hetings business chain had already reached the crucial economic industries such as aviation, rare materials, military, and future technology.

The reason why Lu Weijian played games and live-streamed was partly because of his hobby, and partly because it was an industry that Lu Heting… had no time for and couldnt be bothered to get involved in.

A hundred million a day for games What was the turnover for military and future technology

Tens of millions of sales for a set of game skins How could money and sales account for the advancement and research of human civilization by the development of cutting-edge technology

After Lu Weijian accepted the challenge, more and more people were waiting to watch a good show.

Lu Weijians Team ** had always been very professional.

Last year, when they were overseas, the scene of them defeating the opponent to win glory for their country was still vivid in their minds.

In the eyes of professionals, they were very good.

In terms of fans, Lu Tianci had indeed gained a lot of fans recently because of his strong presence.

On the other hand, TG Teams results were not bad.

They were completely invincible in T Country.

They had also won an international championship a few years ago, so they had many loyal fans.

If the two sides really fought against each other, it would be too interesting!

Lu Weijian had a lot of fans.

When they learned that he had accepted the challenge, they were all excited.

[Is Mr.

Weijian going to do it himself]

[I beg you to do it yourself.

I can watch 800 episodes of you playing.]

[I think Mr.

Weijian is more handsome.

I support Lu Weijian.

There, Ive said it!]

[Im tired of Lu Weijian.

Lu Tianci looks better!]

[Ill bet on it.

Ill bet on it.]

Team ** and Team TGs battle mode was best of three.

In the first two weeks, both sides fought and won once.

In other words, the real deciding game was in the third round.

The third round was going to be live.

The two teams would meet in a third-party arena to decide the winner.

For this duel, Lu Tianci had been constantly urging Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun to hype things up for him.

Live broadcasts and videos were the most profitable media platforms in the past two years.

Coincidentally, Lu Weijian was also the best in this field.

His live broadcast and video platform focused on esports and online games.

It was already at the forefront of the industry.

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