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Especially online games… The most popular online game in the country had a daily top-up of hundreds of millions of yuan.

Just by producing a set of skin each time, tens of millions of sets could be sold.

And these costs, excluding the development costs in the early stages, were almost negligible in the face of such huge profits.

He checked and found that the best person in this field in the country was Lu Weijian.

Hence, he would start with Lu Weijian and use the way of the entertainment industry to gain popularity.

In this way, he could go into the live-stream, esports, IP development, and other downstream industries.

At home, Su Bei was playing games with Da Bao when a notification popped up on Weibo.

‘Tianyi Medias TG Team wants to challenge Lu Weijians ** Team

“Dont be distracted, Su Bei,” Da Bao reminded Su Bei at the critical moment of the game.

Su Bei quickly returned to the game and cooperated with Da Bao to kill the last enemy before opening the news.

The news said,As TG team has always been developing in T Country, they have had a good record in T Country over the years.

This time, they openly challenged Team **.

Will Team **, who has won an international championship, accept the challenge Moreover, its reported that this challenge will be witnessed by Coconut Live and Tianyi Media.

Therell also be female artistes who were familiar with, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun, participating as guests.

Theyll become popular before the battle.

Lets wait and see what the future holds.

“Who is this person” Da Bao asked, scanning the news.

“A little thief wants to step on your Uncle Lu Weijian to get to the top.” How could Su Bei not understand what Lu Tianci wanted to do

Lu Hetings businesses were things that Lu Tianci couldnt touch at the moment.

Of course, in Lu Tiancis heart, the reason why he couldnt do it was because he didnt have his grandfathers support.

What he was involved in was Lu Weijians field.

Lu Tianci naturally wanted to start with Lu Weijian and launch the first shot to enter S Country and snatch Lu Groups businesses.

“Will Uncle accept the challenge”

Su Bei immediately asked in the WeChat group.

Lu Weijian replied immediately: [Of course.

Hell step on me no matter what.

Why dont I agree and let him suffer a crushing defeat as he wishes!]

Lu Weijian was quite confident.

[How ambitious!] Su Bei replied with a few thumbs up.

[Its not that Im ambitious, but I have Da Bao!] Lu Weijian replied with a few laughing emojis.

Su Bei said: [Da Bao has to study.

Hes not participating.]

[Got it, Sister Bei Bei.] Lu Weijian agreed quickly, but he was plotting in his heart.

It was fine if he could win, but if he really couldnt, he would definitely use his trump card, Da Bao!

Da Bao glanced at Su Beis message calmly.

He believed that Lu Weijian could crush ordinary people, but if someone was thinking of bullying Lu Weijian, they would have to get his permission first!

“Da Bao, you have to go to school, right Are there many questions in the junior high school syllabus Are they difficult Can you keep up”

“Its okay.” Da Bao thought for a moment.

With the number of questions in the junior high school Mathematical Olympiad, he could do 20 sets of papers a day and still have time to play games.

That counted as keeping up, right

Su Bei flipped through his homework and was relieved to see an entire row of A s.

She had been worried that it would be too difficult for him to skip grades, but now it seemed that… with so many A s, he still had time to play games.

He shouldnt be doing too bad.

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