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[Previous commenter, the news made it very clear that Lu Group has been relying on Old Master Lus support all these years to stand tall.

That Mr.

Lu is probably just a cover.

Compared to this Mr.

Lu, hes not even worthy of carrying his shoes.]

[Thats true.

I also heard that Old Master Lu was a powerful figure when he was young.

In that case,Lu Tianci will become the head of Lu Group in the future, then Will he become the richest man in S Country among the younger generation]

[In the past, the richest man was old enough to be our father.

Now, he can be my husband!]

[I cant hide it any longer.

Ill have to show my marriage certificate to my husband.]

Lu Tianci was satisfied with the praises on the internet.

In the past few years, he had been developing in T Country.

Although he was quite accomplished, he was still overseas.

It was inevitable that the people there felt a natural sense of rejection toward outsiders like him.

Even if the locals admired him and Lu Yaode, it was impossible for them to flatter him so much.

As soon as he returned, he received so much praise.

Lu Tianci was really overjoyed by this early success.

“Dad, we were the ones who released the news last night.

I wonder what Grandpa will say when he sees it” This was the only thing that made Lu Tianci nervous.

If Old Master Lu stepped out to refute what the news said, his reputation would undoubtedly be greatly reduced.

“I dont think your grandfather will say anything.

You and Heting are both his grandchildren.

Hetings ability is not good.

Grandpa doesnt like you yet, but after a long time, hell have to admire your ability.

Otherwise, the Lu familys huge business will be handed over to others,” Lu Yaode said confidently.

All his confidence came from his and his sons abilities, as well as his firm belief that Lu Heting was useless.

He liked to show off, and so did Lu Tianci.

Therefore, he thought everyone was like them.

If others were accomplished, they would definitely lay it all out.

All these years, Lu Heting had never said anything in public, nor had he ever shown off his achievements.

From this, it could be inferred that the person who brought about these achievements was Old Master Lu.

Lu Tianci also believed this.

“Then lets wait for Grandpas opinion.”

Not only did Old Master Lu not make any public comments, but he did not even look for them in private to say anything.

Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci were even more convinced of their speculation.

They got more confident about returning to the country to develop.

It was not that Old Master Lu did not want to say anything.

After watching the news, he was silent for a long time before saying, “Fortunately, Heting takes after me.”

If he had taken after Lu Yaode and constantly showed off his achievements, how could Lu Group improve

The old master had not been in charge for many years, so he naturally would not discuss anything openly.

Old Master Lus only certainty was that Lu Heting would handle everything well.

Lu Group would definitely be safe in his hands.

Without Old Master Lus rebuttal, Lu Tianci felt that Old Master Lu had tacitly agreed that he could return to fight for the family assets.

However, if he wanted to compete for the family assets, he had to show others his strength.

His entertainment company in T Country had always been doing well, so he only needed to replicate his methods in S Country to achieve success.

His previous fields were mainly in the emerging industries such as entertainment, live-streaming, esports, online gaming, and so on.

All of them were industries that could easily attract fans and make a lot of money.

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