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She flashed a smile and whispered, “Sorry.

I didnt know there was such a formal occasion going on here.

Ill be on my way.”

“Sorry for what” Lu Heting put his arm around her waist.

“Since youre here, meet the guests with me.”

Lu Heting held her hand and went straight to the big shots.

He introduced Su Bei to them.

“This is my wife.”

Those people were all very distinguished people.

When they saw Su Bei, their eyes flashed with surprise.

They greeted her in a very official and polite tone.

Because the meeting was not long, Lu Heting asked Su Bei to stay with him.

Su Bei felt like she was in a dream.

Werent these the people she often saw on the international news It was hard to imagine that she was sitting opposite them now.

Fortunately, she had never been afraid of any big occasions.

She was well-mannered and could speak fluent English.

Under such circumstances, she could easily make it through.

However, after Lu Heting sent these people off, her palms were still sweating nervously.

After sending off the guests, Lu Heting turned around to look at her.

Su Bei was still a little confused because she didnt really understand the technical terms and the cooperation plans that were discussed.

“Wake up.” Lu Heting laughed and waved his long fingers in front of her.

“Did I affect your work by being here tonight”

“If that was the case, I wouldve gotten Lu Hang to send you back long ago.”

“I thought you were working late, so I was going to pick you up and go home together.

I wasnt expecting these people to be here.”

Lu Heting smiled.

“Then lets go home.

You can attend any event with me.

I just didnt bring you here because I was afraid that youd be bored.

You came at the right time today.

You were able to accompany me tonight.”

“So it really didnt affect you”

“Dont you know that even those big shots bring their wives to events” Lu Heting raised his eyebrows slightly.

Su Bei remembered what had happened tonight.

It was like a dream.

Thinking of Lu Tianci, who was surrounded by some third-rate businessmen and still looked so arrogant, she looked at the man in front of her and said sincerely, “Lu Heting, youre so handsome.”

“Thank you, Mrs.

Lu.” Lu Heting accepted his wifes praise.

That night, Lu Tiancis news occupied several sections of the financial news, business news, and entertainment news.

The media praised Lu Tianci as the role model of the younger generation of businessmen.

Moreover, there was also news that Lu Tianci would focus on developing in S Country in the future.

In particular, it was emphasized that the current Lu Group was actually completely run by the old master.

As the leader of the Lu familys third generation, Lu Tianci was about to take over the old masters mantle and manage the entire Lu Group.

In the future, they would work together to develop in different industries such as entertainment, live-stream, esports, online games, and other emerging industries.

This news did cause a lot of discussion.

Because Lu Tiancis looks were outstanding and he was only slightly inferior to Lu Weijian, he even attracted a large number of young people who had no interest in the business world and who didnt understand the logic behind it.

They became his crazy fans.

[What kind of peerless beauty is this Hes even the leader of the third generation of Lu Group.

Im a fan!]

[I approve of such a man!]

[Wait, isnt the current Mr.

Lu at the helm of Lu Group]

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