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Before she sat down, a group of well-dressed foreign-looking bodyguards hurried toward Su Bei and said stiffly, “Were clearing the area.

You cant stay here.”

“Okay, Ill leave now.” Su Bei didnt think there was anything wrong with the other partys attitude.

She had come uninvited, after all.

Besides, the foreign license plates outside did look quite grand.

Her original intention was not to cause trouble for Lu Heting.

Just as she got up, Lu Hang ran over and exchanged a few words with the foreign bodyguards before they left.

“Im sorry, Assistant Lu.

I didnt expect this to happen tonight.

Ill leave now.” Su Bei smiled.

Lu Hang was originally afraid that Su Bei would be angry, but he did not expect her to be so reasonable.

He hurriedly said, “Im really sorry, Young Madam.

The people Mr.

Lu is meeting tonight are all presidents of other countries, so security is stricter than usual.

Im really sorry.”

“Oh, the presidents” Su Bei was really surprised by the title.

“Yes, these are presidents of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Australia.

Theyre talking to Mr.

Lu about the cooperation of rare metals.

Because it concerns the development of those countries, the countries top leaders came personally.” Because he knew Su Beis identity, Lu Hang had no intention of hiding it and told her directly.

Su Bei was speechless.

“Then Ill leave now.

I wont stay here to cause trouble.”

Even if she didnt have any common sense, she knew that when people of this level appeared, they indeed had to clear the area in advance.

The security measures would also be abnormally good.

It was indeed a little rude for her to come over without permission tonight.

No wonder the bodyguards just now all had stern expressions as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Okay, then Ill arrange for a car to take you back immediately.”

“No need.

I drove myself. Su Bei waved the car keys.

“Then Ill send you to the parking lot.” Lu Hang accompanied her out.

When she went out, Su Bei saw Lu Heting walking over with a few leaders.

In front of those people whose status was far higher than those in the business world, he was neither servile nor overbearing.

He was talking fluently and looked very professional.

Because of his professionalism, he looked even more handsome than usual.

His entire body was filled with charm.

Su Bei couldnt help but look at him a few more times.

Once she thought of the fact that he was her husband and her man, she felt completely satisfied and proud.

Speaking of which, the people Lu Heting was meeting were the presidents of countries, while the people Lu Tianci was meeting were just Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue.

Where did he get the confidence to think he could defeat Lu Heting

“Lets go,” Su Bei said to Lu Hang.

Since Lu Heting didnt arrange for her to come over, it meant that he didnt need her at the venue tonight.

She shouldnt have taken the initiative to appear.

It wouldnt be good to cause trouble for Lu Heting at such a big occasion.

Su Bei was about to turn around when Lu Heting saw her.

His eyes swept past her, and his serious expression relaxed.

It was as if a spring breeze had swept through the place, and spring was coming.

“Su Bei!” Lu Heting stopped her.

Su Beis heart skipped a beat.

Oh no, Lu Heting had seen her.

She wondered if it would affect his work.

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