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However, even though she knew that the person standing in front of her was her biological mother, Su Bei still… couldnt feel close to her.

Despite her disappearance back then having nothing to do with her mother, perhaps the past 20 years of separation had made her used to living without her mother.

Su Beis expression was indifferent.

There was no way she could force herself.

Lin Shulian could tell this too.

She stopped forcing it and said, “Then Ill go over there.

You can stay here for a while.”

As soon as Lin Shulian left, Tang Yue walked over.

Even in high heels, she was barely at the same heigh as Su Bei, who was wearing flat shoes.

She was holding a glass of red wine in her fingers, and a smile appeared on her lips, which were covered in bright lipstick.

“Su Bei, youre here” Tang Yue raised her neck high, revealing her beautiful curves.

“Yes,” Su Bei said softly.

Tang Yue smiled.

“Do you want to meet Mr.

Lu Shall I introduce you to him”

She certainly didnt mean what she said.

She just wanted to show off.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Of course, that sounds good.

But I have something to do, so Ill take my leave first.


Watching Su Bei leave, Tang Yue laughed.

Sheng Xiaotang walked over and asked with a smile, “What are you so happy about”

She raised her chin in the direction Su Bei had gone.

Sheng Xiaotang also laughed.

“She left just like that Thats true.

She knows that even if she stays here, she wont be able to get Mr.

Lus favor.

If she leaves early, she can still save some face.

Its also a wise move.”

“Su Bei cant do anything else, but shes indeed second to none when it comes to protecting her image,” Tang Yue agreed.

After Su Bei came out, she glanced at Lu Hetings message.

On the other hand, Lu Weijian had been asking her about Lu Tiancis situation.

She replied casually: [Theres nothing to see.

Im already out.]

[Lu Tianci is very arrogant, right]

Su Bei said: [Thats only natural.

Everyone is surrounding him and flattering him.

The scene is very lively and grand.]

However, no matter how lively it was, the gap between him and Lu Heting was as big as the Milky Way.

Lu Weijian replied: [Then I wont talk to you anymore.

I still have some tasks to handle for my big brother.]

[What are you so busy with]

[Rare metal-trading stuff between several countries.

The smaller neighboring countries want to do business with my big brother.

I went on his behalf.]

Lu Weijian went offline after replying.

“…” Su Bei thought for a while.

No wonder Lu Heting was so busy tonight that he didnt even have time to reply to his messages.

Since she had nothing to do, she decided to go to Lu Group to wait for Lu Heting to get off work.

When she arrived at Lu Group, the lights on the top floor were indeed still on.

The entire lobby on the first floor was also brightly lit, but there were not many people.

The other employees had probably already gotten off work.

She put on her hat and pulled the brim down.

She decided to wait on the first floor.

Since Lu Heting was busy, she wouldnt disturb him on the top floor.

Just as she sat down for a while, she saw several cars parking outside Lu Groups entrance.

The license plates of these cars… Su Bei glanced at them.

They all seemed to have foreign license plates.

Recalling how Lu Weijian said that some neighboring countries wanted to discuss business with Lu Heting, Su Bei didnt find it strange.

She would just continue waiting.

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