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Currently, Tang Yue and Sheng Xiaotang were the leaders of this group.

On this night, even Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian came to the cocktail party.

Sheng Xiaotangs parents had also come early in the morning.

It was obvious that they valued Lu Tianci very much.

“Xiao Tang, is everyone here” Sheng Xiaotangs father asked with concern.

He was very satisfied with his daughter.

He had worked hard all his life but had never been able to establish a business relationship with Lu Group.

He did not expect Sheng Xiaotang to obtain a chance through her career in the entertainment industry.

Initially, he had been very against his daughter entering the entertainment industry.

Now, he did not object.

Instead, he was satisfied.

“Everyone is here.

Everyone who received an invitation has come.” Sheng Xiaotang was very satisfied.

“There are also many people who didnt receive an invitation here.

I can tell that the outside world really thinks highly of Lu Tianci.”


Sheng nodded.

“You must treat him well later.”

“I know, Dad.

Uncle and Aunt Tang are also there.

Lets go over first.”

When Tang Jianming saw Mr.

Sheng, he couldnt help but praise, “Old Sheng, your daughter is so capable.

Speaking of which, your daugghter is the first family member at our level to come into contact with someone at the core of the Lu family.

Moreover, I heard that Mr.

Lu has a very thorough plan for her career.

The Sheng familys future is promising.”

“Uncle Tang, you flatter me.” Sheng Xiaotang smiled brightly but humbly.

“Children cant be praised excessively.

Old Tang, dont praise her too much.

Actually, Tang Yue isnt bad either.

I heard that if Tang Yue hadnt proposed a series of business plans, Mr.

Lu wouldnt have given her so much face and attended this business event.

At the end of the day, your Tang Yue is also a powerful woman.”

“Hahaha, you flatter me.”

Both parties praised each other for a while.

Clearly, they were in a very good mood because they could work with Lu Tianci.

Sheng Xiaotang smiled and said, “Uncle Tang, Dad, Ill excuse myself for a while to receive some guests.”

Sheng Xiaotang blended into the crowd.

With her beauty and aura as a female celebrity, as well as her perfect business acumen, she was like a fish in water.

Tang Yue was just like her.

She had the demeanor of a socialite.

When Su Bei came in, she looked much more ordinary.

Su Bei was too lazy to come to such an occasion.

After all, Tang Yue just wanted her to be here so that she could be a foil.

However, because Lu Tianci would be here as well, she wanted to see what was going on.

Seeing the crowd coming and going, Su Bei smiled slightly.

Her ears were filled with praises for Lu Tianci.

Su Bei couldnt help but sneer.

Speaking of which, she had seen how low Lu Tiancis methods were.

She knew that this man was not presentable, and compared to Lu Heting, they were worlds apart.

However, so many people treated him like a treasure

Su Bei felt that this joke needed to be shared.

After telling this joke to Lu Heting, she immediately sent it to Lu Weijian.

[F*ck! These people are really going to support Lu Tianci Do they know whos behind Lu Group Do they know who went all out to save Lu Group at the age of 12 These people are blind! Theyre actually going to support Lu Tianci! Im really furious!]

Lu Weijian sent an emoticon, then recalled his brothers gaze and quickly retracted it.

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