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That was what Tang Jianming and Tang Yue thought of Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci.

Almost half of S Country thought the same.

The public thought to themselves,Since Lu Yaode brought Lu Tianci back, the head of Lu Group will definitely be replaced in the future.

The previous one only survived for so many years because of Old Master Lu.

Im afraid he wont be able to hold on anymore.

Therefore, a few days after Lu Yaode and his son returned, there were already countless people coming to befriend them.

This news made Old Master Lu so angry that he laughed.

He slammed the newspaper on the table.

“Ridiculous! I didnt expect that after going to T Country for so many years, he hasnt improved much.

Instead, he has learned more about vanity.

Why isnt he like Heting at all!”

Others might not know, but how could Old Master Lu not know how he had enjoyed life at home all these years

Ever since Lu Heting was a teenager, the old master had not spent any effort on the company.

Lu Heting had arranged everything properly.

Lu Group also successfully walked out of the storm caused by Lu Yaode back then and rose again to become what it was now.

What had the outside world become

“Heting, why dont we just clarify things and let people know that youve been handling Lu Groups official matters for so many years” Old Master Lu really didnt want to see his favorite grandson suffer.

“Grandpa, why bother with the discussions of those people Its their business what they want to say and do.

Why should we interfere” Lu Hetings voice was as calm as ever.

When Old Master Lu heard this, he laughed and said, “Youre right.

Now is the time to test their judgment.

Why should we show meddle”

Sure enough, Lu Heting was the one who won his heart the most.

After the old man hung up the phone, his mood became better.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yues cocktail party started as scheduled.

Although it was called a cocktail party, it was actually a grand meeting of the business world.

The Sheng and Tang families attached great importance to Lu Tiancis appearance this time.

They did not care about manpower, material, and financial resources.

They just had to hold this meeting well.

Sheng Xiaotang and Tang Yue stood together with red wine in their hands.

Their hearts were filled with countless thoughts about the future.

Originally, they could only be considered ordinary among the wealthy families in Jingdu City.

It was undoubtedly a dream for them to have business dealings with Lu Group.

But this time, with Lu Tianci, everything was different.

Lu Tianci was the future of the Lu family and Lu Group, as well as the future leader of Lu Group.

With Lu Tianci, everything would be completely different.

Many people from the business world had already come over.

The rumors about Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci were also abuzz.

On the one hand, the public had no choice but to believe the rumors.

They felt that Mr.

Lu might only be sooutstanding because of Old Master Lu.

On the other hand, they were people who believed in anything.

In such chaos, no one could open their eyes.

They could only fumble around and not give up, afraid that they would make a mistake.

The more Lu Heting didnt say anything publicly and pretended that nothing was going on, the more these people were like headless flies.

They could only bump into each other without daring to blatantly suppress one side.

Of course, those people who had completely placed their hopes on Lu Tianci were those who had nothing to do with Lu Heting and would never be favored by him.

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