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Tianyi Media, which Lu Tianci had invested in, had already officially opened in S Country.

The artists he signed were Sheng Xiaotang, the daughter of a wealthy family, Jia Shiyun, who was abandoned by Di Xing Media Company, and various other artists.

Currently, his cooperation with Sheng Xiaotang was the closest.

Sheng Xiaotang was one of Tang Yues best friends, so Lu Tianci naturally had to build a good relationship with the wealthy families in the capital.

Therefore, the banquet hosted by Sheng Xiaotang and assisted by Tang Yue became a grand occasion in the capital.

Since it was a grand occasion, Tang Yue had to let Su Bei witness it with her own eyes.

The return of Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci evoked the memories of many of the older generation in the capital.

“Lu Yaode He was quite capable when he was young.

Moreover, he was the head of Lu Group and took over Old Master Lus mantle.

At that time, we were all ashamed to be compared to him.

I just dont know what happened.

He went overseas for many years,” Tang Jianming said.

“I really didnt expect him to come back now.”

Tang Yue was especially interested in these things and immediately asked, “So, Lu Yaode came back this time to inherit Lu Group”



“Thats hard to say.

Isnt Mr.

Lu in charge of Lu Group now”

“Ive already gotten someone to check it out.


Lu is just Lu Yaodes son.

Moreover, I heard that Mr.

Lus achievements were completely supported by Old Master Lus ability.

Dad, the Lu family will definitely be in Lu Yaodes and Lu Tiancis hands in the future,” Tang Yue said without hesitation.

“Youre right to analyze it that way.” Tang Jianming didnt know what had happened to the Lu family back then, but he still approved of Lu Yaodes ability.

“Lu Yaode obviously likes Lu Tianci more.

As for the current head of the Lu family… They say hes a young fellow whom everyone calls Mr.


Thats just all for show.

It seems that Old Master Lu has indeed been supporting the Lu family all these years.

The youths are just so-so.”

It was not surprising for them to think so.

Lu Heting had always kept a low profile.

When he first managed Lu Group, he was only in his teens and could not convince the public.

Because of this, many of his constructive opinions and solutions were implemented in the name of Old Master Lu.

This situation continued until Lu Heting was in his early 20s.

That was when he had completely suppressed everyone.

Only then did he really act in his own name.

Naturally, the outside world did not know much about him.

Now that Lu Yaode had returned with Lu Tianci, the situation was naturally biased toward him.

Tang Yue smiled even more.

“This time, Xiaotang has returned and has a deep cooperation with Lu Tianci.

Shes also willing to help us.

I think this is a good opportunity.”

Tang Jianming did not have any objections.

When he was young, he listened to his father.

When he was old, he listened to his daughter.

It was a life of luxury.

Why did Tang Yue invite Su Bei Su Bei had a good relationship with Lu Weijian before this, so she wanted to show off that she had a good relationship with Lu Tianci.

Even Mr.

Lu was nothing in the face of Lu Tianci, let alone an outsider like Lu Weijian.

Only Lu Tianci was the true chosen one.

He was the future of Lu Group and the person most worthy of putting in the effort!

‘Su Bei, youve lost again.

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