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People feared comparisons.

Lu Tiancis appearance alone made him qualified.

However, he was far inferior to Lu Heting and the others.

Moreover, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu had never seen him before and did not have much feelings for him.

Now that he was suddenly standing in front of them, it was indeed impossible to arouse the old mans fondness.

Old Master Lu picked up his teacup and said, “You dont have to come here often in the future.

Despite your efforts, Lu Group hasnt closed down yet.”

“I was young and ignorant back then,” Lu Yaode admitted his mistake.

The mistake he made back then had not only hurt Lu Heting and his mother but also implicated the tens of thousands of employees of Lu Group.

They were not paid for months and had no money to support their families.

At that time, the entire Lu Group was almost defeated.

Old Master Lu slammed his teacup on the table.

“You were young You never thought about how your three-year-old son lived at that time! Did you ever wonder how the Lu family got through at that time!”

Old Madam Lu could not bear to see how aged her son had become, but she did not interrupt.



“Everything is fine in the Lu family now.

You dont have to come back.

Go and live your carefree life! The Lu family doesnt need anyone to manage them.

Butler, send the guests off!” After Old Master Lu finished speaking angrily, his anger subsided a little.

He didnt want to see them anymore.

Lu Yaode was about to say something when the butler stepped forward.

Lu Tianci frowned slightly, but it was not appropriate to say anything under such circumstances.

Neither father nor son was in the best of moods when they were together in the same space.

Lu Heting soon received the news.

The entire Lu family was relying on Lu Heting.

Even if he didnt say anything, someone would naturally report the news to him.

Lu Heting pinched the space between his eyebrows.

He didnt think much of this pair of father and son.

Especially Lu Yaode.

He had never acknowledged such a father.

He had seen him cheat with his own eyes and had never enjoyed his fathers care and gentleness.

He was raised to rely on himself for everything.

It didnt matter if Lu Yaode was there or not.

As for whether Lu Yaode was here to snatch everything, Lu Heting didnt care.

‘Havent we had enough people trying to rob Lu Group over the years

After Su Beis scenes were wrapped up, she did not publicize the news.

The follow-up production and editing of Mother fell into the hands of Camilans team.

Everything was carried out methodically.

On the other hand, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun were especially high-profile when they returned to the country.

Not only did they arrange for reporters to pick them up, but their fans also flooded the airport that day.

Soon, Su Bei received an invitation from Tang Yue.



She glanced at it and knew what Tang Yue was thinking.

Actually, she had never understood why Tang Yue had to go against her.

She had not rejoined the Tang family and did not care about anything related to the Tang family.

However, every time Tang Yue made a big move, she still insisted on sending her an invitation.

This time, Tang Yues big move was about Lu Tianci.

After Lu Yaode and his son visited the two elders of the Lu family, they started various business activities in S Country.

They did not mind if the two elders of the Lu family forgave them or not.

Visiting was basic etiquette.

They would still have to rely on themselves for their future development and the fight for Lu Groups assets.

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