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“Old Man, thats our son.” Old Madam Lu was soft-hearted.

“Does he know that hes my son When he left back then, he took away the manpower and funds.

He didnt want anything for the sake of that vixen he kept outside.

Back then, Lu Group was in danger because of his actions.

If it werent for Qingwan and Hetings early maturity, would the Lu family still exist today Why are you still protecting him!”

Speaking of this, Old Madam Lu was indeed angry.

When Lu Yaode left back then, he completely disregarded the life and death of the entire Lu family.

“How about this Call him in and Ill scold him in his face!” Old Master Lu was still angry.

Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci stood outside the door.

The butler did not return.

No one knew what was going on.

Lu Tianci couldnt stand it anymore.

“Dad, how much longer do we have to wait”

“Dont my grandparents want to see me at all” Lu Tianci thought that he was no worse than Lu Heting.

The two elders of the Lu family even doted on Lu Weijian.

How could they not like him

He had no idea how badly Lu Yaode had hurt the two elderly when he left.



Lu Yaode usually wouldnt expose his shortcomings.

He would only brag about his achievements.

How could the children of the younger generation understand the actual situation back then

Lu Yaode knew that his parents would not forgive him easily, but if they had not suppressed Tian Xin too much back then, he would not have disobeyed them.

Besides, it had been more than 20 years.

What grudge could not be resolved

As he was thinking, he saw the butler return.

The butler came to their side and said, “The old master invites you in.”

Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci looked at each other.

They both knew that in the end, the old man still couldnt ignore his bloodline.

Lu Yaode walked along the corridor.

He was very familiar with everything here, but there were also many details that had been completely changed.

The place looked unfamiliar to him.

When he reached the living room and saw the two elderlys graying hair and old faces, Lu Yaodes heart softened for a moment.

After his heart softened, he thought about how his parents were old and had left behind the huge Lu Group.

Even if they didnt give it to him, Lu Tianci should have a share.

As he thought about it, his tone softened.

“Mom, Dad.”

Old Madam Lu wanted to respond, but seeing Old Master Lus stern face, she did not respond.

Her heart still softened in the end and she said, “Take a seat first.”

Lu Yaode said to Lu Tianci, “Tianci, hurry up and thank Grandpa and Grandma.”

“Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma.” Lu Tianci immediately brought out the gift.

“Grandpa and Grandma, this is a product I specially brought from overseas.

Its very good for your health.

I hope the two of you can be healthy and live a long life.”

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu were indeed a little moved when they looked at him.

Lu Tianci thought that he was quite good at interacting with the elderly and making them happy, so he said a lot of nice things.

Old Master Lu looked less upset now.

However, after taking a closer look at Lu Tianci, there was nothing about him to like.



The Lu family was all good-looking.

Lu Heting and his two children were outstanding as well.

Lu Weijian wasnt bad-looking either.

He was the kind of person who could debut in the center position of a group.

Lu Tiancis appearance could not be said to be ugly, his outward appearance was somewhat ordinary.

Even so, the comparison meant nothing.

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